Tuesday, May 15, 2012

An Interview with Kim Izzo

"How I wish I lived in a Jane Austen novel!"
- Dodie Smith, I Capture the Castle

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kim Izzo, author of The Jane Austen Marriage Manual. Having been a long-time Jane Austen fan, it was thrilling to read a novel that gave her stories a modern touch. 

Kim Izzo, who lives in Toronto, has made many radio and television appearances including The Today Show, Canada AM and Oprah. Her opinions and advice have graced the pages in newspapers and magazines as The New York Times Sunday Style section, Vogue UK, InStyle, Glamour, and Marie Claire. The author is currently the deputy editor of Zoomer Magazine.

Enjoy my Q & A with Kim Izzo!

1. What made you decide to focus on a literary figure like Jane Austen? 

I always loved her books and the film adaptations. When I came up with the idea of what a modern woman without the ability to earn a decent living and keep a roof over her head would do, I thought of all of Austen's heroines who were in the same predicament. What they did, their only choice was to make a good marriage. So I thought it was the perfect combination if a modern woman tried to do the same.

2. What books or authors have motivated you as a writer?

Austen of course! I love the writing of Edith Wharton, The Custom of the Country in particular. F. Scott Fitzgerald and John O'Hara also inspires me.

3. Kate Shaw confronts many difficulties throughout the novel, whether it is a financial or emotional crisis, at a time when the economic recession was in full swing. What compelled you to write about this time period?

 I wanted to explore the themes and situations I spoke about in Question 1: the modern woman as an Austen character and the recession forced many thousands of people into dire financial need, where finding another good job wasn't a guarantee. This left fewer choices and marrying for money was one I wanted to explore.

4. If you were able to have Jane Austen over for dinner, what would you like to ask her? 

 Did she really know a Mr. Darcy? And where can I find him! No, seriously, I would ask her what her writing process was like.

5. What do you hope readers will take away from this book? 

 That as women, we can survive anything that gets thrown at us and find happiness within ourselves.

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Thanks again to Kim Izzo for this interview and to The Savvy Reader (of HarperCollins Canada) for hosting The Jane Austen Marriage Manual blog tour!

You can buy The Jane Austen Marriage Manual online or at your local bookshop near you. Make sure to put this novel as your top five on your Summer Reading List!

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