Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Violet Hour

Hello everyone,
Here is something I have written of late and would like to share with you all. Enjoy!

                                                                          (Photo: Kachavina)

The Violet Hour

Deep inside my dreams,
I search for your face.
It appears for only a little while,
The disguise of my attributions
Yet I hold it all the more tight.

I can hear the rain falling, the wind brushing against my back.
I could not close the windows, I could not slip against the tide.
Light streams in corners only I would see.
Words drift in gentle circles around my mind.

Keats sings a haunting song, while Poe wails at what is lost.
Against the world, my pride is my suffering.
Won't you hold me tight against your heart before I run away.
Won't you let me go before I fall away.

Against the rising sun, I find the clarity I needed once so long ago.
Days revel against broken promises, it whispers what it cannot be.
Walking along the field of maroon, I speak to the Gods and pray for the release of my dreams.
Wonder slowly falls against my shadow.
It whispers faith, it speaks of a hero, it screams fire. 


Note: Please do not copy my words without permission, thanks very much.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Once in awhile, right in the middle of the ordinary, life gives us a fairytale

"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on for so long."- Unknown

Hello all,

Recently, I had a long talk with a friend during our long walks. I find that there is nothing so revering as an evening walk with a wonderful companion by your side- especially during warm summer evenings.
We began to talk about the significance of taking pictures and I remarked on how recently I have this growing intention to capture everything around me as much as I can through photos- no matter where I go, who I'm with- to be able to visually hold onto a moment is beautiful and noteworthy.
From this day on, I'm going to post more of my own photos here- a sort of a visual diary - of my life, as well as my writings!

Here are some that I want to share with you.

As I'm fond of exploring around the city, I came across this path one summer's day- and instantly I thought of "the road not taken". I was immediately tempted to walk down this path and see what was on the other end. It was beautiful.

I love Sundays for many reasons. One of them being that in the mornings I would make my way down to the St. Lawrence Antique Market- oh the treasure trove of loveliness that made the heart of an old soul like me skip a beat!

Strolling down the Harbourfront. There's something about being near the lake (or any type of body of water really) that just stirs my heart. Hearing some jazz music in the background instantly issues a charming effect.

One of my favourite type of flowers has got to be Hydrangeas. Especially the blue-violet ones. Place them in any type of room and it would light up the entire space. I took this in Niagara Falls.

Listen... the lyrics to one of my favourite duo, Elenowen. This one of their songs, Honey Come Home. I can't stop listening to it, and their words are so pure and wonderful.

Let me pour you a glass of red
To get your mind off the things I said
I'd say sorry, you know I would
But my pride tastes too damn good

Let me pour you a glass of white
So you forget all of my lies
And I'd say sorry for what I've done
But I can't let go of what I want

So, please have mercy on me

Honey come home, you know I love you
And even when it breaks, my heart will beat for you
Oh my love, you're all I want
I know that it's never gonna come easy
But I would never even dream of leavin'
You're not alone, so come back home

Let our walls crash to the ground
Let our greed and pride fall down
Lets take a hand, run straight through the door
Invite love in to be our floor

Oh please, won't you stand beside me

Honey come home, you know I love you
Even when it breaks, my heart will beat for you
Oh my love, you're all I want
I know that it's never gonna come easy
But I would never even dream of leavin'
You're not alone, so come back home

Let's raise our glass to a new beginning
Forget our past and start forgiving

Honey come home, you know I love you
Even when it breaks, my heart will beat for you
Oh my love, you're all I want
I know that it's never gonna come easy
I would never even dream of leavin'
You're not alone, so come back home

Joie de vivre,


Note: All of these photos are of my own. Please do not use them without permission- thanks!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

To peer through curtains of dreams as if awake

Hello all,
What an interesting past month it has been. Lots of new opportunities have risen, including having the chance to work at the Palaeontology Department at the Royal Ontario Museum this summer. Strolling around the city while everything is bursting into life certainly creates an extraordinary landscape, particularly on the St. George campus ground at U of T and on the Toronto Islands. There are places I escape to around these parts and they have become more enlightened as of late- probably because of the weather I dare say!

(Photo: Em34)

At night, the world takes on a different mood and atmosphere- especially now we can tolerate the warmer evenings- which means more conversations out on the patio, and interesting events to look forward to and take part of. I myself have found engagements that had a wonderful conclusive ending which turned into fond memories as I look back.

Perhaps it is because I have been reading and seeing a lot more of things Oxfordian lately that I find myself yearning to visit the Oxford grounds and who knows, pursue a degree in Fine Arts, one day. One can always dream and pursue.

I have also as of late, founded a book club- the Matchbook Book Club that is. So far, there's been warm reception when it comes to membership- around 14 and counting.
I have many great ideas for this book club. The books, being read on a monthly basis, needs to provide an open door of a deepening understanding with our world, capture imaginative opportunities, and are enthralling at every page.
It has a wide flexibility when it comes to genre as I believe there should be no restriction in order to expand interests that may have been neglected earlier.
There will be fun outings, going to heritage places around the city, or botanical gardens, or any landscape that would coincide with what the book club aspires to be: inspirational, and to define what we think and imagine in a old world sense within a modern time. In the words of John Keats: "Beauty is truth, truth beauty- that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know."

I have also managed to walk to places I have not gone in quite some time.
I was fortunate to observe the Japanese cherry blossoms out at High Park. It was beautiful the way its petals carved out a line against the edge of a small road. There was a light scent walking underneath them, it's colours ever so pleasing to the human eye.

One weekend my friend and I took the ferry to go to the Toronto Islands. There, a wide expanse of space provided the ample opportunity to rent a bicycle, and rode all along the island. At first I wasn't quite so sure if I was fine riding it, as it's been some years since I last rode one. However, the first few seconds I instantaneously picked up the pace and soon began to glide. How exhilarating it was, the wide open space, the view of the lake, the beaches, and the pier, oh the pier!
The best hidden surprise of all was a lighthouse as we were biking by. I just had to stop and take a photo of it. I have a love of lighthouses, and plan to visit as many as I can in my lifetime- the stories behind them have such a romantic feel in my eyes.
I felt all of my stress slipping away, trailing behind me, never to return. This sense of release felt wonderful and was refreshing. I could go on biking for hours in such a landscape. All we needed was a picnic basket for an afternoon lounge.

On the island, they have a small farm known as the "Far Enough" farm. There were horses, roosters, pigs, and other farm animals there. What captured my attention was a peacock, who stretched its immense work of art for all to see. Capturing this photo brought me to the closest proximity I ever had with a peacock.
I have a feeling that June would bring more lovely days to come, stay tuned!

Joie de vivre,



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