Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On Time

Try to be happy in this present moment, and put not off being so to a time to come,- as though that time should be of another make from this which has already come and is ours.
-Thomas Fuller

Here is a piece that I wrote which I thought would be relevant to moments in life that is so wrapped around the very concept of... Time- happy reading!


For so long, I've slept beneath the winter vault.
Our dreams were weaved within the skies long before I've met you in time.
In time, we have held all that we could and draped it into the abyss, and here we lie within the measure of a second.

I wished so hard and long that moments in between our lives that we treasure so much, were like gold dust in our hands, forever pressed into the very premise of our hearts.
So when it has long passed in days, and into years- that beautiful glow, like the strongest candlelight, would overpass the dark crevices that leak though.

Often I press against the glass wall that separates you and I, how much I wish I could clutch you on the other side to where you are, this other life that we're encased.
Would I walk among the greats, I would not fear to feel the groaning trembles of Silence- you my dear, I hold you in the highest.
And you leave me here, these drifts of serene emptiness pauses, the air rushing inside me.

Even if I were the only one left to hold these pillars where we stand, I would fall and fly to all four corners of the earth to bring back all that we ever had.

You execute me with your grace, and I could sink with only just your touch.
The days that unfold into memories of an evening- the Other, it traps and entangles you away from me, would he leave you be if I were to awake?

Your hands fall gently over my eyes... seconds like these, it seems that time was on our side.
The sun has risen, its presence streams through... and if I had the power, I would capture our invention and lock it between our tears- for when rain comes, it would be the only thing that would save me.

Friday, July 16, 2010

My Loves and Inspirations: the July edition

It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, "Always do what you are afraid to do."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Hi everyone!

It's July right now, so we are right down in the middle of summer.
I must say that right now, in between moments that as much as cameras can capture, none is so powerful as memory of the mind.

One thing I know about life is that you have to be fearless. There are moments when things seem haul you down, and slowly drown you. You feel like the next day would never come, but then something unexpected would unfold right in front of your very hands and you realize that what all those books, those films, and the music that tells the acknowledgement that to feel what we feel, is the cinematic whirl of Life.
Never the one to back down on dreams and inspirations, here are some places and things that I love and would love to share with you.
Taking strolls while having laugh-out-loud moments and graceful simplicity with that someone you love.

Exploring ponds... there are some lovely ones around my area, and one in particular that I loved to visit ever since I was a child. It's so enchanting with a large fountain in the middle, with swans and ducks, and a curving path within the woods so it feels as if you're lost in the surrounding nowhere for only if, but a moment.

Reading "Never Let Me Go"... it is honestly one of the most brilliant books that I have ever read, a definite top favorite that is so hauntingly beautiful and poetic. I highly recommend it as its a great book to sit outside under the tree with. I am so beyond happy that it is turning into a film, starring Carey Mulligan and Kiera Knightley! It comes out in seems so far away!

Conversations while walking around at night. There was a moment recently where me and Tim were passing by a playground and then we decided to just lounge inside by the slides, laughing like kids and just talking... out of that moment came that great nostalgic and magical feeling shared between two great best friends, as if we'd known each other all our lives..and in a way, we do.

Lovely houses amidst breathtaking scenery such as this one:

And this one:

Beautiful enchanting landscapes: I seriously would love to visit a place as this and to really breathe in that sense of wonder all around me.

A painting by Caspar David Friedrich, one of my absolute favorite German Romantic landscape artists. I would love to see such a scenery like that one time in my life. Someday.

Strange yet wonderful looking trees.

Grand ceilings that just makes you think it was almost as if it were holding the very jewels from the skies up above.

Packages and mail from all over the world! Let's be penpals, non?

Grand pianos in any setting, whether in a large concert hall, or by a small cabin by the woods tucked away under sheets of patterned curtains.

Flowers, of any form and shape, each is a majestic beauty among others.
Ballet flats! What would I do without them, constantly walking about in the city!

Getting lost in art galleries. I had the opportunity to go to the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) with Tim sometime last week and it was lots of fun, especially seeing the Ruben's piece of "Massacre of the Innocents". What's life without art, and what is art without life?

And that's all for now, ciao!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep

I'll break my staff,
Bury it in certain fathoms in the earth,
And deeper than did ever
Plummet sound
I'll drown my book.
-William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Hello all!

This week so far has got me sweltering under the heat, and I found my thoughts drifting into elsewhere. Here is a piece I wrote inspired by an amazing weekend away from the city, up where the stars are clear, and all forms of everyday concerns pour into the waters on the lake.


Away from the heart of it all
Lies the penetrating glow of release
In between the trees, hanging low
The leaves like stories, they call to me.
In the still of the night,
You carry me.
My arms laced around your neck
My eyes shut tight as I sink into you
As you carry me down the path.
The moon stares with its penetrating glare,
Into this vast space, you hold me through.

Fireflies drift above us,
It winks at us in secret compromise.
The water, an expanse- it embraces me as I sink.
A butterfly becomes a part of me for just one moment
As it lands without a sound on my finger, its wings carry so much time in this world- for only just a moment.

Further and further in I'm drawn,
Our heartbeats weave their song when I say your name.
This light that bears all that we love from the middle of the room.
I close my eyes, fingers intertwined within mine.
I walk with you as twilight enters the woods.

And then I float while you held me,
Holding me adrift.
For only just a moment,
I float above it all.
And it has become forever when I realize:
You are who I am and this world has become powerless, where we stand.

And that's all for now!


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