Sunday, August 30, 2009

How you wind me up and slide me across the floor...

"I take it that what all men are really after is some form or perhaps only some formula of peace."
-Joseph Conrad (1857 - 1924)

Bonjour all,
Today I woke up bright and early and saw that the sky was a clear blue easy.
Not really, but at least I headed onwards to meet up with my friend in the afternoon.

Grabbed some lunch and then strolled around the Esplanade.. me and Tiff both agree that when we walk around here, I feel swept away somewhere European.

The weather felt more like early spring...I was in my high black boots which I dont' wear until mid-fall...but it felt nice and comforting at the same time. As we sat down to lunch, we discussed how earlier, we were more than ready to head back to university and engage once more in our studies...however being that since this is the last week and how we're trying to make the best out of it seemed like we needed more time.
Funny how that turns out.

Alas, I had the opportunity to go attend BuskerFest down at the St. Lawrence. There was a lot of sights, sounds and tastes to dig into and as we walked around, it almost had a old-style carnival aspect to it, which I liked..not to mention some really interesting tents with jewellery and things like those cute little Voodoo dolls they selled...almost got a "Ballerina" voodoo doll, haha.

And as we walked further...a couple of photographers from Eye Weekly asked if they could take a picture. Of course, I consented, and apparently it might appear this coming Thursday..interested to see it..will post it up when I do find it :) I guess they found our chic style alluring enough ;)

I loved this act. It was playing such lovely tunes on its accordion. At first I thougth it was a painted face...and as I crept closer, I realized that its eyes weren't blinking... thereby wearing a mask. Altogether I liked it.

An artist drew a picture of Iron Man! I was stunned at first to see how well he drew this on the sidewalk...was very interesting indeed.

While we were walking around, it was packed... so many people attended this and it's great to know we have such amazing events to take part of in Toronto...that's what makes it such an amazing city. Tried this sweet/salty popcorn too.

That's suppose to be this huge statue of a bicycle. I guess it was for one of the upcoming acts later on... there were many others such as the Piano that was interesting to was playing Chopin while juggling!

There were some great jazz performances as well...great for the atmosphere. Soon afterwards, both of us got tired and so we called it a day. I'm sure that there will be much events coming up this week to make the best out of the Last Days of I will be constantly posting!
And so adieu!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Back to Paris...

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night" Edgar Allan Poe (1809 - 1849), 'Eleanora,' 1842

Bonjour all,
The past couple of days have been good indeed, as I literally came and went to together with some good company, which was much needed as the past couple of weeks have been indeed, hectic.
Hailed a meeting with some board of directors, which are good friends of mine... I'm kididng, it was a club meeting on "How to change the world one Dior step at a time " haha

Have finally arrived at The Nineteenth Floor Executive Meeting Rooms up on the 19th floor, that had a exclusive elevator just for this level, at The Fairmount Royal York to wine and dine, the gossip and scandals all up in the air.

Spend my time talking to my friend basically about everything..catching up on how crazily dramatic our summer has endured... the emphasization of writing a memoir on this summer has been often taken up, and its true...the people we've rubbed shoulders with and the places we've been and lounged...

, Grabbed a White Chocolate Mocha where Tiff got tea at Starbucks...weighed in how much calories there were and apparently mine's was heavier...urgh lol. The thing about that drink is that as much as it is sweetly good...the aftermath is that i feel a bit sickly becuase its too sweet if i don't eat something afterwards with it.

Attention! Our meeting is now in session....

The view was gorgeous at night.

Love how the le Tour CN looks at night with the lights illuminating it...especially how it coincides with events or holidays that take place in the city.

Love this portrait..makes me want to go see La Traviata during that time :)

Yes just for the girl's night out..all we ordered was bonbons and Evian... ;)

Again the view is quite stunning.

There were moments however where it was just a plain eerie about the place..i mean there were times I swear I heard whispers, whose voices were never uttered...

Yes, much intellectual , controversial, and intriguing discussions have taken place among this Salon....

My friend Tiff and I laughed about the fact that the next visit, we should dress up.. I as Sherlock Holmes with the pipe, the hat and with a pocket watch, and her as Watson, perfect atmosphere for some good chats and solving mysteries.

Ah, to see life through a looking- glass....

To be honest, looking about that entire floor, it would have been great if it was converted into a Penthouse..of course I would change the interior design a little..give more life to it..although already the design itself gives an air of which is livable by such characters as Sherlock Holmes without a doubt!

Yes, indeed that is a sketch I just happened to make under ten minutes and everyone loved it! haha

What to write, what to write....although to be honest, I'm very much a To-Do person, in terms of organization.

And that's all for now, ciao!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

To be raptured

Hans Zimmer- Chevaliers de Sangreal

"Take heed: you do not find what you do not seek." - English Proverb

Alas, it has been quite some time since I have updated. The past month have been quite busy, as life and family things have happened, but I will do my best to continue onwards and keep up as much as I can.
There are still some precious days left before the start of university life arrives once more upon my door. To be honest, I look forward to my fine arts history and political science courses more so than the mumble and jumble that I have been taking the last two years- from Sociology of Health to Astronomy, I am glad I can settle on two of my favourite subjects that will most certainly last a lifetime.

(my french friend actually wrote this to me...surprisingly I had know idea he knew Japanese that well and it literally shocked me to pieces)

Shot this near the Eaton Centre, where behind it, there's this old church and fountains... me and my friend Ioni and his friend Beau (Ioni is in the centre) we came across this labyrinth and literally we followed the took quite a while to reach the centre, as none of us cheated..but once we came to the centre, the sign told us that "the answer you were looking for is right here".

I approached it, and in fact, it did answer my question: That I would make it to the centre after all.

Had spend some time down at the Harbourfront..that night when i shot this of the CN Tower, at the Sirius stage they were playing 80's movie featuring a young Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie....I liked how they would show movies, so everyone was sitting on lawn chairs and relaxing within the nice summer evening. I shot this on a bridge with my friend and didnt' realize the railings were covered with spiders...I course I took great pains to not scream like a crazy person...but some yelps slipped.

Came back from the Harbourfront and decided to lounge at the Royal York Hotel...this has got to be one of my favourite hangouts in Toronto and there's a good reason for it... the sophisticated and historic atmosphere that it seems to surround itself in is very settling.

Last night, me and my french friend went to hang around near the Eglinton area and there we caught a film called Inglorious Basterds that's by Tarantino...and it was one of the best films i've seen so far this summer.

Great cinematography, very spaghetti-western meets World War Two. Diane Kruger was great in it as well as Melanie Laurent. To be honest, Melanie Laurent looks like a young Catherine Deneuve in this film.

In terms of books, my friend bought me the Angels and Demons books which I highly appreciated. See for me I get so cheered up when someone gets me books..I think its a great investment and its something that would be put to good use, seeing as I'm a big bookworm.
To be honest, I have always loved the Robert Langdon character..alongside with great characters like that of Sherlock Holme's wit and gives me a bit of inspiration in how they carry themselves and their interests. Excited about The Lost Symbol that's coming out in September.

Alright, that is all for now, ciao!


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