Tuesday, December 21, 2010

And in the end, we will all be enveloped in this Winter Wonderland...

I simply must go - Baby, it's cold outside
The answer is no - Ooh baby, it's cold outside
This welcome has been - I'm lucky that you dropped in
So nice and warm -- Look out the window at that storm...
You've really been grand - Your eyes are like starlight now

Hello all!

The holiday season is upon us, I have the fortunate chance to enjoy occasions to get together with my entire family, which I cherish as we don't normally get to do as often, what with our busy lives and hectic schedules- during Christmas it always leaves me going back to when I was a little girl, eagerly looking at smiling faces, humorous conversations, the aroma of homemade cooking, and feeling so lovingly warm in the comfortable sphere of it all.

I often find myself watching classic specials like A Charlie Brown Christmas, which never fails!

Reading beautiful books that takes your mind to an old-world atmosphere of places. Someday I would love to journey on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. In fact, journeys by train would be my preferable method of travel- in this modern time where things seem to love the rush, the speed and advancements of so many inventions, it's nice to enjoy quiet comfort in things.

Listening to Pink Martini's holiday album which is played all the time now, as I am in love with their jazzy take on Christmas songs.

My dearest friend had just recently left for France to spend time with his family and is very fortunate to be going to all these different places where the family is, where the last stop would be in Paris! We promised each other that the fact that we're an ocean apart tugs our hearts, and we vow to write letters to each other, in which I'll send a couple by mail and the rest when I see him in January.
Apparently there's a surprise for me in store when he gets back and I'm very curious to see what it's about.

Drinking candy cane hot chocolate and Caramel Brulee from Starbucks.

The Black Swan costume that one of my favorite designers Rodarte had made for the film "Black Swan". The costumes are just wondrously beautiful to make us all sigh in bliss.

I am in love with this Tiffany ad- it might just be that it defines the perfect moment and lifestyle we wish to aspire to be in someday.

Most importantly, the sheer joy of having a couple of weeks off is potential time to continue my writings for my book "Memories of an Evening". I've got these lovely ideas drifting in and out of my head, one involving a curator, a ballet dancer, a violin player, and an economist.

I wish you much happiness and may your spirits be bright during the holidays with your loved ones!
Joie de vivre,


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Let Me Go

Hello all!

I find myself trapped in the midst of a small flurry of activities every so often- more often than not.
Still, I manage to tear myself away and focus on what really matters in life.
For example, I live for weekends, especially the ones that have been taking place lately. I spend time with amazing individuals that I'm so lucky to have, and those who stick with me on the weekdays- they're every bit as lovely as well- they're what keeps me pushing forward when there's lack of motivation.

November is a pleasant surprise for me this far. Certain moments, words, or music can revolve around me like a film of bliss, leaving me left to wonder.
I find myself even picking up certain reads that fill up the holes of the theme I'm currently in.

I did get the chance to take shots on places I've walked around these past couple of weeks. Certain places that were by chance encounters, or places I've known and loved.

I remember I was with a friend when I took this lovely scenery. We came across a small playground, and I instantly thought to sit on the swings, as we noticed two adults playfully laughing at the see-saw. It didn't occur to me until I sat on the swing, how amazing this landscape was. The sand, the edge of the lake at twilight- I loved seeing the blue on the water, an instant tug arising out from me as I looked outward.

Walking by the lake which was unbelievable. To capture that moment when the sun shined down, its rays of light unmistakable in the approaching darkness of evening.
I used to think that when the clouds separated and the rays of light shown through, invisible angels would be lifting souls into heaven, and that's the special place they would come to take them upward, and I would be compelled to run forward to that place, into a world we'll never know until the day we shut our own eyes.

Walking by a bridge- I've come across one where it's actually known as the Queen Street Viaduct. It has a Heraclitus quote that says "The river I step in, is not the river I stand in", and I thought that was incredible seeing that up on a bridge.

My passion for Opera has deepened. It's every bit as captivating as it has been when I was a little girl. Hearing songs as Rusalka: Song to the Moon, Tristan und Isolde- "Mild und leise", Madama Butterfly- "Un bel di vedremo", Gianni Schicci- "O mio babbino caro" - and as well, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli's "Con Te Partiro" - all release some form of grand memories I've had in my life, and so beautiful to the ears.

For those who love the world of opera and books, this stunning read will touch you immensely as it had been a joy (and a bit sad once I reached the end of the page).
'The Doctor and the Diva' is very beautifully written. I would read it an hour before I went to sleep, and I would be completely immersed in the story, then look up and realize it was three in the morning when I hesitantly put my bookmark on a chapter! The locations sweeps you away from Boston, Florence, Venezuela, Milan, and Trinidad during the early 20th century. There is something so rich about the intertwining of music with history, and how far love can go in time and places.
Love to find such interesting objects. I came across this wonderful looking teapot, and I actually did a full stop and just stared at it in awe- I need this for my home!

Lastly I am very excited for this film to come out- can't believe I missed my chance watching it during TIFF but won't miss it this time around!

Joie de vivre,


Friday, October 29, 2010

The Wonder

Sometimes, we all like to think we have the best of everything.
But then comes the moments we long to have for and refuse to let go just yet.
I could barely make it to shore during the days when the storm seemed to thrash and send me away from where I needed to be.
Where the attempt to strike me into a thousand pieces and scatter them to all four corners of the world accomplished its cry to haunt me.
By then it felt that all of what was left was the remnants of yesterday's dream, lost and forgotten by the whispers that were said long ago.
How could I not see it coming, I failed to grasp the simple truth.

Then without a word, you came along, and held me against the wind.
With a steady gaze you slowly lifted me out from the recurring pattern I could not break out of.
The warmth and the acknowledgment on so many things, echoed between the words that were spoken.
It took me awhile to realize what it all meant, to be able to hold fast to something what was once thought it could not be reached.
The recurring thoughts that floated right through in the depths of Evening, how it circled and clouded my judgement.

But what immense light it brought, touching all forms of everything that I see.
Without even knowing, you revived me back to life, and I can never forget those moments, forever etched into the steadfast of time.
I hold these moments carefully in my hands, watching how it swirls and glimmers against the rays of light, and slowly press them to my heart.

Note: images via weheartit

Friday, October 22, 2010

On the Runway

First say to yourself what you would be;
and then do what you have to do.

Hello all!

This past week has been a whirlwind! It won't stop until November that's for sure!
For one thing, I've been attending Toronto's LG Fashion Week, which has been lot's of fun. I took shots and I will share some with you all!
We definitely have loads of designers with immense talent, and to see each Spring/Summer 2011 collection, I felt nostalgic for the warm season!

All of the pieces were light, wearable for everyday, colors were soft and each illuminated simple elegance and femininity.

The overall atmosphere for Jules Power was really vibrant. Great music, touches of lace on certain pieces- love.

OR by Angela Chen was all beach-worthy. If you look on the bottom far right from across the runway, you can spot the outline of actor Shane West.
I couldn't believe it at first, but then I found out that he has been in Toronto shooting for his show Nikita. A pleasant surprise. Really nice guy!

Getting ready for the next show.

What I loved about LOVAS was its loving touches on the most basic pieces like skirts and dresses. The stunning ones were the ones with sequins. Didn't have a dislike for any one of them.

So far so good!

Joie de vivre,


Saturday, October 16, 2010

When Dreams Border on Reality

All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney

Hello all!

My words on Dreams (as you will soon read up ahead), is an oldie but a goodie... it was previously posted as a guest post on A Wondering Star blog months ago but it is more currently updated in order to usher out the meaning this post has on me currently at the time.
For example, lately as I'm writing my book Memories of an Evening, it's becoming more and more of a possible reality that I might actually publish it.
I've been telling close friends how much it would mean the world to me if ever it becomes published, and I'll be wondering through a bookstore (my second home to me, it seems) and find a copy sitting right there...
I could honestly say that I would rest on a mountaintop of happiness and tears of joy.
Currently, I'm on a few chapters, and I have an estimate that it might be somewhat under 400 pages. Give or take!
I will try to post some excerpts of it in the near future- for now I currently have the "Prelude"- the preface of "Memories of an Evening" which you are free to read-as well as several other works that accompany this book, under the label "Memories of an Evening"
I sincerely welcome all feedback, as I love to hear what you have to say!

In addition, there are certain events this week that are coming my way which I'm super excited for!

LG Fashion Week (Toronto Fashion Week)

I'll be representing The Mike Publications, (being the Fashion writer there) as well as in a sense, representing U of T on the fashion forefront which is incredibly exciting.
I'll be taking pictures, doing some sketches on my Moleskine if possible, and updating you with future posts on how the week will turn out!
In my view, LG Fashion Week is a showcase of an immense talent of designers from Canada that ranges in stylistic views and pushes out the ability to innovate on a succeeding level- hence this year's theme "The Style of Power".
It's also uplifting to watch the Spring 2011 Collections. I love autumn, I really do, but looking at the Spring collections will keep me forward in the optimism after the cold.

And now I leave you on my words of Dreams.. may we all strive to be who we want to be, and never fail to persuade it.

Dreams... they are exactly a million pieces of the world we either wish we knew of, or experience, weaving an imaginative border of endless possibilities.
The question is: are we ready to take the plunge, or are we forever singing within our own bird cage?

The days within your life are yours to hold, and like leaves to a tree, they slip by you ever so swiftly. Dreams are veins within the branches, so set them alight.

Do not ever let anyone stop you in the way of seeking what your heart wishes. They are the ones who never quite understood the secret to Life.

At each point of our lives, we engage ourselves through certain "chapters" of dreams that we secretly aim for. From our childhood aims of going to the moon, to run faster than anybody else in the world, to be a hero- it would often come down to going around the world, run the marathon and win it for those battling leukemia around the world, to saving the one you love.
There is no difference... its only dreams that fell in love with the reality of our lives.

So go on, catch that long-forgotten dream... take it out of that glass jar, or from the stained pages of your journal, and breathe life into it. We are all that we can be- so long as we remember, our dreams will forever live within our minds and heart.

Joie de vivre,


*photos courtesy of weheartit *

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello all,

I wrote this recently through a combinations emotions that I was going through, where words were really the comfort I needed, the embrace to let things go and let it lie. It was my form of escape, a reason for me to move on and just mould my writings where it can set me free, in a sense.


Written by Joanne Angelina

I really wished that it was you,
the one that would have pulled me through
the dark when all I've held was lost.
This love, it was never something that could be bought.

The help, I see it in your eyes,
your face buried in so much disguise.
I hear your inner voice calling out to me,
and you are everything that I wish to see.

I sense something deep within these waters,
The home I found in you, now gone and I'm left to wonder.
After realizing this subliminal end,
How sorry I was to think that we can begin again.

And here I stand, looking over the drifting landscape.
Chance brought me here, yet it becomes too much to take.
Like the sudden fall of glass on the winding floor,
Will the light fill in? I cannot be sure.

I sense the cold come creeping in,
Summer an awaking dream, I'll miss you so much as days grow dim.
Truth is I know I could have never been the one.
How it chocked me so, how it wrapped me so- Time whispers, " I seem to be wrong".

Joie de vivre,


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I see the moon these days from Paris, because I once saw Paris from the moon

Try to be happy in this present moment, and put not off being so to a time to come,—as though that time should be of another make from this which has already come and is ours.
Thomas Fuller

Hello all!

Hope everyone's been having a lovely September so far- again, sorry I haven't been updating as much as I'd like to... but I do miss writing and will try to as often as I can!

At this point of my life, I've come to find that I've been reflecting more and more on Life itself- in five years, what do I see myself as? Where am I going to be? Am I really happy?
As busy as the end of summer was and throughout this month, I've gone through tribulations where I was facing some dark storms in my skies.
It happens- it's just that when it came down to the actual moment, it really hits you, and your left feeling at a loss for words, let alone expression.

Regardless. what goes down, must go back up. Everything happens for a reason I believe, and that continues to be my personal motto.

The good things?
Well I've signed up as a Fashion Writer for The Mike, which is St. Michael's College newspaper at the University of Toronto. What makes it extra special is that I'm the first Fashion Writer since its establishment! I'll be covering everything from fashion's inspiration, history, to all things ephemeral in this fascinating sphere.

Second great thing: I've personally met Sophie Kinsella, author of the Shopaholic novels (in case you haven't heard of her, which I doubt it! And if you haven't, its worth to take some time to google her and browse through her works!)
She is such a sweet and talented individual, and is every bit as funny and lovely as the Shopaholic herself.
Hint: when asked about if there's a possible book in the near future after her latest, Mini Shopaholic- it's a yes!
As one talented author to one that is an aspiring one ( my Memories of an Evening is still in the works, but I will dedicate more time to it- and more excerpts to post!)
Even more inspiring she wrote this on my book, which was amazing:

I also had the opportunity to take part of the Toronto International Film Festival, in which I was able to attend the debut screening of Never Let Me Go.

All I have to say is that it's so hauntingly beautiful and a powerful film. Readers of the novel will not be disappointed as I thought that Mark Romanek did a superb job to capture the story. The actors all did a wonderful job to capture each of the characters. Worth to watch.

To Read: Tom Rachman's The Imperfectionists

A great read, where you're instantly transported from Paris to Rome. So far I'm at the beginning of the book, but already there's that catch.
I have this thing with books where I would read a paragraph at the beginning of a chapter or the synopsis, and if I feel this tug where I'm compelled to read further, or enchanted by the story, then I know it's a read I'll grow to enjoy and treasure.
I find myself loving stories that have what I call a "cinematically poetic" edge to it.
For example, The Winter Vault, Never Let Me Go, Bel Canto- all have that sheer brilliance of providing that extra half an inch of deep cinematic awe.

Joie de vivre,


Note: the first and last images are courtesy of weheartit. All other images (apart from the Never Let Me Go poster of course) are by yours truly.


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