Friday, May 21, 2010


A people represents not so much an aggregate of ideas and theories as of obsessions.

Hello all!
There are times where when I write, I would be inspired by certain thematic aspects or turn of events. For this post, it is the concept of obsession.

I searched the whole world to find someone as remarkable as you.
If only the world could be captured like fireflies within a glass jar, we can watch all the good come alive in luminosity and defining gravity, floating above all of us.

Often I wondered that if I were ever to come close enough to feel you, to touch your skin, would I have the privilege to melt into nothingness and at the same time, cling to the very ends of existence.
To say that I watch you from afar does not suffice to how I feel, comforted by the fact that no matter where I may be, if all is quiet, your heat beat would ripple and channel through me.
Like wading through dark waters, I feel you silently nearby and I'm barely above surface as I move in your direction.

To surround myself to where you are, I feel as if a hundred arms stretch out beneath me, the urge to wrap you slowly and fuse what is all of you into my veins, it has become the air in which is vital for me to drink from.
The angels and demons watch with calm grandeur on both sides of my living frame, as my long-winding journey evolves into an intense focus for my divine chalice.
Thoughts- what are they if not for the realization of recognition which we cannot instantly take an immediate part of upon real moments we stand on.

You have become my personal Siren with the heartbreaking song only I could capture, its melodies clashes with a sudden stir of feelings I never knew could be felt.
Your name becomes my whispered prayer, and if I could hold you for only a second, situating you high above all landscape, you would be the silky veil which I see my world through.
How it infuriates me knowing that you can never truly be mine. My comforts to make myself known to you, dissolves into thin air.

I feel as if I consist of broken glass inside the caverns of my ribs... therefore, one can never see its own true reflection quite as perfectly as when it was whole. Oh darling, the fault was all yours.
You are my playful imaginary friend, you are always there when I need you, yet you pass through me like a form of the supernatural.

Beauty is in its full extent when I look into your eyes.
Patience had always been my strong guide and as night falls over the sky, the deep slumber that I was encased in becomes disturbed with the small cry of your voice.
I will hold you in my arms, be a good dear and still your heart.
Rest assured that I will always be here, your unwavering shadow.


Friday, May 14, 2010

A touch of romance. A touch of mystery. A touch of magic.

No longer forward nor behind
I look in hope and fear;
But grateful take the good I find,
The best of now and here.

John G. Whittier

Bonjour all!

This whole week was just simply crabby with the constant rain and cold that was enough to transport me back to October... and that is not the feeling I want wrapped around me. Sunshine, come follow me, I need you around in my pocket.

Channelling my inner inspirations and loves, the end of this week had left me in a state similar to tying a million colorful balloons, and then taking off into the sky.

Picnics under a big tree and within a wide stretch of lovely meadow, with purple flowers scattered.

Beautiful and interesting merry-go-rounds.

Being able to capture the sunset or sunrise near a lighthouse by the sea.
Being able to discover and walk across spell-bindingly beautiful bridges- the kind that you thought only existed in storybooks.
She & Him- The wonderful Zooey Deschanel with the awesome M. Ward. I can't wait to see them live on June 9th.

Pushing Daisies- I miss it so much. I just recently re-watched some episodes of Season Two, and am now going the decent way of starting from the beginning.
It was such an interesting play of settings, people, the view of life, the simple magic touch of love, and pie.

It was seriously a teapot full of magic.
And that's all for now, ciao!


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Letters to Juliet

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.
Helen Keller

Bonjour all!

Once in awhile, there would be moments when I would be drawn back to fond memories- whether it be a beautiful rapture of events, the warmth of conversations passed between loved ones, or a film that unravels a never-ending spiral of emotions thought to be kept away deep within the heart, but rises up to break through that hard surface once it recognizes the ties that bind between life, and that cinematic feeling.

This story is one of them.

In Verona, Italy, there is a place which thousands have flocked to in prayer, in hope, in dreams, holding this aura of believing the one thing that beautifully haunts humanity since the dawn of time: love.

Verona is quite a significant place for Shakespearian enthusiasts- the setting of the most recognized love story of all love stories... the story of Romeo and Juliet.

I think the whole essence of undying love is something we hold tightly within our hearts, searching unwaveringly for our Prince, our Romeo against the huge tide of Impossibility that washes ashore. Once we find it, its like this sunken feeling, this electric essence within our veins that fires alight when you touch that person's hand, a sort of channel that sings "it was you all along".

In a way, I have felt that sort of love in my lifetime, but then again, being unattached at the moment- I'm still waiting for that Grand Love. And it is here that we go back to Verona, to Casa di Giulietta, a house which is said to be the Capulet's home where a bronze statue of Juliet stands within the small courtyard.

It's been said that if you touch the metal of its chest, the person would have good fortune. We then appear before a wall near the entrance, known as Juliet's wall.

Here we see hundreds upon hundreds of whispered letters, notes, marks of existence, seeking what the heart wants, hoping that Juliet may hear and grant us our answers. Better yet, it's believed that those leaving one's writing on this wall would make one's love everlasting.
Someday, I will travel to Verona, and leave an imprint behind on that wall...I think it would be so nice to be able to cherish this incredible monument where thousands would come to this destination... there's a deep unexplainable reason as to why we all value such immaculate spectacles- and maybe it's better left unexplained... sometimes we need to just close our eyes and let go of everything and just feel.

Note: Images are via weheartit


Monday, May 3, 2010

Fireflies, Cakes, Postcards, and the Invention of Dreams

"People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within." - Elizabeth Kubler Ross

Each day for me is like a little wonder... when I walk on the boardwalks of the Harborfront, to planting beautiful roses in the garden, I sink into this mini-reflective stance of daydreaming.
This week, I'd like to share some of the things that confines my mind where my heart is.

There's just something interesting about grand ships that has always captivated me, ever since I was very young. To sail the high seas, and reach all four corners of the world that unravels beneath me on an old map-adventure was just one step out the door.

There are many impressive boats and ships alongside the Harbourfront... as the weather gets warmer, there will definitely be more sightings of them!

I always like to come across interesting sightings... like how these little flowers are naturally arranged.. it's almost as if it were shaping out a heart.
There was this long stretch of a concrete bench alongside this small section of the Harbourfront, that was literally covered with Tic Tac Toe. I'm always up for game!

Even the little details... as the sky was eventually turning gloomy, I pass by these whole rows of lights, just waiting for night to fall so that it would brighten like fireflies against the trees.

I love finding extraordinary shops as these, with captivating inventions, that takes you to another imaginary place.

From another shop, I took home a handmade sailboat wind chime - a perfect addition to add outside my front door.

I love how the tree branches touch one other, as if it had a secret conversation that no one in this world could possibly interpret, nor do we have the utmost privilege to be able to truly understand. It seems to create this complicated weaving of a web.

Will one ever truly get tired of being secretly fascinated with pastries and cakes?
I took these home- the first one is a sort of deep chocolate cheesecake quality..and the other (which is my ultimate favorite) is tiramisu. I can never ever get enough of tiramisu.
These lovely sweets are soft on the outside, and filled with red bean on the inside. Ate some during my sister's birthday, which I'm told that they are usually eaten during such a celebration. I thought they were super cute.
As well as letters and postcards from around the world. I feel extremely grateful that I have friends from certain places- from France, to Australia, that I would write and vice versa. I do love opening my mailbox and find the pleasure of receiving lovely letters.

Some of these postcards were from my friend Tiffany, during last summer when she went on a trip to Asia.
While strolling about one day, I came upon this interesting fellow.
And they said that Treebeard did not exist in real life.
As I moved closer, I heard a soft whisper utter from his mouth, and he said to me :
" Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die tomorrow."
I then drew myself back, contemplated for a bit, ushered a small thank you to the tree, and off I went to paint dreams in the middle of the day.

Note: All these pictures taken are personally mine. The last image however, was taken from weheartit.



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