Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Never Let Me Go

Hello all!

I find myself trapped in the midst of a small flurry of activities every so often- more often than not.
Still, I manage to tear myself away and focus on what really matters in life.
For example, I live for weekends, especially the ones that have been taking place lately. I spend time with amazing individuals that I'm so lucky to have, and those who stick with me on the weekdays- they're every bit as lovely as well- they're what keeps me pushing forward when there's lack of motivation.

November is a pleasant surprise for me this far. Certain moments, words, or music can revolve around me like a film of bliss, leaving me left to wonder.
I find myself even picking up certain reads that fill up the holes of the theme I'm currently in.

I did get the chance to take shots on places I've walked around these past couple of weeks. Certain places that were by chance encounters, or places I've known and loved.

I remember I was with a friend when I took this lovely scenery. We came across a small playground, and I instantly thought to sit on the swings, as we noticed two adults playfully laughing at the see-saw. It didn't occur to me until I sat on the swing, how amazing this landscape was. The sand, the edge of the lake at twilight- I loved seeing the blue on the water, an instant tug arising out from me as I looked outward.

Walking by the lake which was unbelievable. To capture that moment when the sun shined down, its rays of light unmistakable in the approaching darkness of evening.
I used to think that when the clouds separated and the rays of light shown through, invisible angels would be lifting souls into heaven, and that's the special place they would come to take them upward, and I would be compelled to run forward to that place, into a world we'll never know until the day we shut our own eyes.

Walking by a bridge- I've come across one where it's actually known as the Queen Street Viaduct. It has a Heraclitus quote that says "The river I step in, is not the river I stand in", and I thought that was incredible seeing that up on a bridge.

My passion for Opera has deepened. It's every bit as captivating as it has been when I was a little girl. Hearing songs as Rusalka: Song to the Moon, Tristan und Isolde- "Mild und leise", Madama Butterfly- "Un bel di vedremo", Gianni Schicci- "O mio babbino caro" - and as well, Sarah Brightman and Andrea Bocelli's "Con Te Partiro" - all release some form of grand memories I've had in my life, and so beautiful to the ears.

For those who love the world of opera and books, this stunning read will touch you immensely as it had been a joy (and a bit sad once I reached the end of the page).
'The Doctor and the Diva' is very beautifully written. I would read it an hour before I went to sleep, and I would be completely immersed in the story, then look up and realize it was three in the morning when I hesitantly put my bookmark on a chapter! The locations sweeps you away from Boston, Florence, Venezuela, Milan, and Trinidad during the early 20th century. There is something so rich about the intertwining of music with history, and how far love can go in time and places.
Love to find such interesting objects. I came across this wonderful looking teapot, and I actually did a full stop and just stared at it in awe- I need this for my home!

Lastly I am very excited for this film to come out- can't believe I missed my chance watching it during TIFF but won't miss it this time around!

Joie de vivre,



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