Thursday, May 28, 2009

At last! A female's version of a Gentlemen's Club

Musique: Alif Tree- Belle

I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.

Yesterday was such a fantastic day.

First of all , I finally got to see my good friend Tiff who came back from Asia, as she went for a month, but it felt like ages!!!

We decided to go to Yorkville to do some lounging/eating so we decided to try upon our new found hangout MoRoCo (99 Yorkville Ave)

When we got there, it was basically something out of a Parisian inspired influence. To be honest, I was quite surprised we have something like this here in the city...but all the more to love it even more!

Let me tell you something : This is my official hangout place as it is like a woman's version of a gentleman's club. J'adore, J'adore!
Trop stupéfiant pour les mots, haha

The menu suffices enough and of course we couldn't help but notice that close to 90% of the menu includes chocolat in them...and of course brought this place into an almost blissful, if not, more interesting than ever. I smiled at the one item where its spring rolls, but inside them is filled with chocolat...mmm...

We finally decided on some chips and dip, which tasted very good. The main attraction however, was the s'mores! The fact that it mentioned that we would be doing this over a faux campfire drew our attention.

And soon enough, we find that what we thought was faux...turned out to be quite real... the whole process was enough to make us feel like kids a chic adults place.

I think another reason that MoRoCo's have such a chic environment is that its for when we looked around, all we saw were the gathering of girlfriends over Veuve Cliquot and laughing over dinner.

I loved it when the marshmallows turned golden brown so when you bite into it, it has a light crisp crunch.

My first attempt.... a sort of sloppy attempt I must admit, but a tasteful one all the more.

A lovely get together place and I'm so glad we picked this place. Of course the minute we picked up the cheque, Tiff went "Let's go get some macaroons! Let's go!"

Apparently when she was in Asia, she tasted upon macaroons and have been hooked ever since. Personally I've never tried, so then when we do get some, it shall be my first.

Came upon the chance to show Tiff my new place, and it was from there in one of the common living rooms, there was a foosball table... we went off rounds playing this. I'm not great but we were dying as we were going at it sooo seriously! :) Très amusement.

While we were passing by my campus, there was an event going on. Curious as we were, we walked closer to observe. There were balloons everywhere. A girl came up to me and gave me a carnation, which I thanked and thought was nice. I liked how the escaped balloons looked like up in the air... wishes and thoughts being carried up with them as they go far far away.

I must say, I'm so proud of my université. It's gorgeous at this time and just walking around brings a sense of peace and for me if I walk around reflecting at problems or stressing out about something, I found that it slowly released it as I continued to walk and admire the scenery. God bless my Université de Toronto.

So on the search for macaroons, we went to Pusateri's to get some. Apparently my friend was saying how the ones in Tokyo are way better... we went back to her place at 1 King West at the lobby to give it a be honest, it could have been better, however the chocolat part of it was the only thing that was okay enough.

It was then that she took me to the "Secret Garden" located at 1KW... so we came upon it , where they had the forest-like gathering of a scenery...I liked how they had fake clouds to go along with it.

Then shortly after we decided to go up the 49th floor....where the Penthouse is. I honestly didn't know what to expect...but obviously the view of the city must look simply amazing.

I was quite right... it was stunning to see the skyscrapers at this level..not to mention the rest of the scenery.

I want to live here...I think its settled that within the next year or two... make it all "moi"- a dash of inspiration of Stam's (as in Jessica Stam) home decor as seen in Elle Decor, and I'll put a nice leather couch near the window where the elevators are, and host grand ol' parties, and
put a grand piano near the balcony and...

As we head off to dinner, we went to Richtree... of course! One of the most spotted places where you'll find us, after MoRoCo obviously...haha

And that's all for now, bisous!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

There and Back -Part One

Musique: Beth Rowley- Careless Talk (From The Edge of Love soundtrack..which by the way, is one of my favourite films as well!)

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Franz Kafka

Bonjour loves!
Woke up in the afternoon feeling better..last night i couldn't help finishing off watching Love In The Time of Cholera... the film was alright -but the book is definitely a must read before you die sort of thing.

Well plenty of things happened around town so I must say as much as I can!
Met up with a friend whom I knew since my first year at university, and when I think back on how we first met, I couldn't think how afterwards how much of an impact he had on the things I decide on academic-wise.
I looked up to him kind of like a mentor sort of feel. We spend time walking around, and seeing as we haven't seen each other in the longest while, it was funny to know that he was still his same old self.
Well that day was an event called "Doors Open Toronto" which is that majority of all public buildings are open to the public for anyone interested to enter and explore.
It is because of that we decided to enter City Hall.

Okay, I admit this isn't the greatest shot I've ever taken, but the message was profound to me, because Toronto is a great city, and I hope in 2050 it will continue to shine.

To be honest, it was my first time inside City Hall and it was quite interesting.
Other events include spending the day with my friend and explored around queen, bought a couple of things (haven't done that in awhile so Yay!)
Of course without any hesitation, with high giggles and goggling, we watched Terminator to get a dose of Christian Bale...its really sad at how much we love this guy haha.

The best part of the evening that day was when we explored this interesting biomedical building on campus and it was first our spirits were dampened when we found out you needed a special card to get in...but that didn't stop us.
We managed to go into another building next to it to attempt to get there- and once we were inside... i must say, the artwork being hung in those science buildings are a disgrace.

First of all, its a bunch of colourful scribbles and etchings in coloured pencil of absolutely nothing... whoever did that must think its some form of abstraction.
To me, it was simply a kindergarten's attempt to scribble.
Of course, after observing these ridiculous works of art, I jokingly mentioned to Sufia that I should donate my artworks if they they think that such pitiful (and by god they were pitiful) works were seen as Art.
They've got a thing or two coming.

We then came upon a classroom that links to the interior of the biomedical building and of course, the only thing that was stopping us was the window.

(Vague recollection of event unfolding)
Joanne: "You don't think these windows can open up and then.."
Sufia: "Yes! And we can just go over!"

(Opening hinges, and both of our arms were heaving the window upwards but to our dismay, did not budge at all)

Joanne: "Hey there's an open window up there!"
(As I walked closer, indeed it was opened just a sliver)

Sufia: "Ou, that could work"

(It was then that I stood upwards to the window and then looked down. There was a very very steep bottom and unless we somehow jumped across the small glass barrier..we would be facing a possible risk of critical injury or we'd be under pure stupidity to attempt a jump in the first place)

Joanne: "Alrighty, lets just check the other hallway then"

So we continued to further explore the halls and soon enough I looked out the window and found that I was on the other side of campus. We both looked at each other in awe..and laughed and how we "time travelled" here.
Good to know that if i can remember how to retrace the maze we went through, we can eventually get to the other side of campus.
Of course I can't even recall at all how we got there.

When we got back, at one of the older buildings on campus-those gorgeous ivy covered sort of buildings- there was a sort of tower room with from the wide windows, you can see those old-style sort of chandeliers.

I jokingly said to Sufia how this bulding is where the Illuminati meetings take place and further explain how they do certain rituals which includes the significant dancing-naked-and-chanting bit.

I also mentioned to her that I did this act with my other friend where there's a heavy wooden door to this tower and knocked once, thinking nothing would occur.
Immediately after I knocked, a person actually opened it and said "Hello?" But because I was so surprised at that notion, i actually took off!
My friend, he was also shocked, followed me and we couldn't stop laughing.

So excited that it would be funny to knock on that wooden door to expect anything..she walked closer and knocked.
Sure enough there was ruffling inside and a muffled voice and the door began to open slowly!
Of course we both screamed a little and took off like little kids! But we were laughing soooo hard at how this had happened again!

It was then we went up some stairs within that building and came across a room, dark as the lights were off so all was embraced by the darkness of the night sky as all the windows were without curtains. We walked to the old grand piano situated in one corner of the room and started to play a little.
Playing the piano in the dark was really was a bit melodramatic and at the same time, it was so peaceful just to be like this.

Alright there is more stuff to write about but I must head off at the moment, so more to come! Bisous!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Four letter word just to get me along

Musique: Madonna- Give It To Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

Bonjour luves.
Right now I am at a friend's cottage and am simply bathing in bliss and washing away the little grey shards. It was quite random actually. I was thinking of going home today but instead I get a phone call at 12 from a friend asking if i would like to get out of the city and enjoy a change of scenery. Of course I said yes without a moment's hesitation and so packed lightly and waited for them to come pick me up.

On the road, it was a bit windy, but the sun was shining and all through the car ride, we listed to Blossom Deary and Louis Armstrong. Upon arrival, the cottage was quite nice and the view was just simply amazing. I loved how there were little pastel-colored blues and pinks of the pebbles that once you follow, leads you to the water.

I took some time away to write a bit here since I have not been updating for quite some time. As some may know, I arrived at the city with packs and luggage and I love the view that I have.
Since then I have been hanging out with a  corporal ( That's right Darwin, oh my! lol haha  :)  )  Meeting and chatting with a great bunch of french people that are from northern France for a BBQ into the wee hours... basically enjoying an intermingling of old and new friends.

Moments I enjoy in my new place is where the living room is in the main level, I would pull up a comfy couch and with the view that portrays the CN Tower and all the towering beauties, read Jazz Age stories and reading past articles of The New Yorker. Although the most frustrating thing is that I've been disconnected from the world as I can't get internet somehow on my laptop! It's really irritating... also another reason why I haven't been updating and keeping touch on msn and whatnot... will hopefully get it fixed and talk to the porter soon (who was really nice on helping but couldn't find a solution either, but the attempt was very thoughtful)

I want to wear this! I want to wear this when I go to a lounge or just simply wearing this piece when I am out on a lovely evening. Its from Balmain Spring/Summer 2009. Balmain is a favourite of mine along with...

There's just something divinely mystifying about Lanvin that just captivates me so. Their pieces are exquisite and Alber Elbaz vision is simply stunning. Must acquire some of them to my closet :) :)

On a whole other note, I cannot wait to go see the upcoming Terminator film ... lol I must shyly admit, I have such a deep crush on Christian Bale. I want to marry this man or be with someone who looks like him but have all the satisfying qualities like intelligence and humor- LOL haha :P Hey, a girl can only dream!

Another wonderful day was yesterday when my favorite girl in the universe Sufia (she's my living saviour really) came to see how I was and we went out to lunch to this place called Futures. I did not know what to expect but the cakes.... We had some perogies (which were dee-lish) and white chocolate truffle cake which was heaven! There were so many to pick! I think I will attempt to try all of those heavenly cakes throughout the summer... of course I will be walking it off with all of that eating! Great place for comfort food as my friend mentioned- and she was right!

Afterwards we walked to Union Station, and went to lounge at the Royal York... it was amazing because they have six pianos there as I've mentioned previously. We go up to the second floor, the vast floor was empty and was almost eerie, but seeing as both of us were daring enough we entered and soon enough, found a grand piano. It was then we decided to play a duet piece which she and her instructor composed.... it was so melodramatically beautiful. I tried my best to play well, and yes I did mess up a few times (maybe too much I think, I suck at timing) but in the end, all was well :)

And that's all for now, bisous!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I woke up to find that I was in a glass castle...

Musique: the sound of his voice...

I have Dalinian thought: the one thing the world will never have enough of is the outrageous. Salvador Dali 

Today is Mother's Day... and the first thing I gave to my mother was big kisses on both cheeks and I squeezed her tight until I realized that i was slowly cutting off her circulation, haha.
 I thank my mum for her strength, her inspiration, her inner beauty, her ability to help me see outside the box, to make me a better person, to allow me to be as I am, that nothing is impossible, and that the fact that she gave me the privilege to live in this world, I will forever be grateful.

Yesterday was wonderful. Not only did I had the opportunity to drive around the city, I drove around my campus... never did I thought the various places where I would sit and walk by between classes, I would actually be driving by it! 
Despite the fact that its nerve-wracking to drive in the city, i managed to have a grand time doing that.... and with my uncle, we went to Yorkdale afterwards, which was more of a walking around sort of thing and ended up watching Star Trek at the end of the day- I thought it was great.
Kirk was hilarious at times, and Spock... let's just say I ended up having a minor crush on him (yes I'm guilty, I actually thought he was very interesting and secretly wished i was the one to kiss him instead of that other girl, haha)

Only three more days! I cannot believe how time quickly came around, it seemed like yesterday I was so impatient that there were weeks before I can move in to my maison d'été
I have almost everything packed in my fleur-de-lis luggage and my bags. Even now, I'm still thrilled to see what's in store for me.
 A new chapter on events/inspiration/reflections during the next three months. 
I mostly think of it as a small home away from home.

At this point in my life, I find myself yearning for things that when I had it, I seemed to lightly take for granted, and when I no longer have it, I think about it all the time and wish it can be in my arms once more. Certain moments missed in time, or possibilities shortened. This is no strange phenomenon, it happens to everyone at one point in time or another. 
Sometimes at the end of the day, as much as one can search for something more, I wish for my amiable companion. The deep haunting of a strange small sadness overwhelms and confines the mind into an interweaving torture which lingers like a soft daydream. We are lost along the way when we no longer know what we want, or when we choose to shut ourselves down from which deprives us from something we all breathe for and would chase after even in death: love.

Listening to Evanescence "Like You" the other day, and there was such a captivating embrace on the dark subject of a lost one. There was especially one part of the song which captured my attention with such an underlying awe:

I long to be like you 
Lie cold in the ground like you
There's room inside for two
And I'm not grieving for you

I'm coming for you 

For me, it illustrated a scenario where there was an old childhood friend, and he was everything to me and was my hero, my role model. I longed to be like him, his fearlessness and energy for life. Then an illness took away his spirit, his beautiful blue eyes, his beautiful soul. When he died, even being at a young age, all I wanted to do was follow after him and lie down on the grass while he was six feet below.
 We all have different takes on death. Some choose to avoid the topic as it hurts too much or causes too much suffering in one's mind, some openly talk about it as this next great stage of something grand. Others would be stuck in-between- where it doesn't bother them or they just never thought much about it. Personally, I have a curious approach. 
Nonetheless, there's this saying I heard that opened my eyes: "We're meant to lose the people we love... how else would we know how important they are to us?"
And this, I know.

And that's also all for now, bisous.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"There are no little memories with you"

Musique: Ella Fitzgerald- Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)

Richard: [showing Gabrielle the apartment] This is it. The office there, I live up here, and uh, the terrace is out there. That rather grotesque object looming so formidably on the horizon is the Eiffel Tower. I had it moved there to remind me what town I'm in. If it offends you, of course, I'll have it taken away again. 
-William Holden in Paris When It Sizzles (1964)

Slept in for what seems to be the first time in the longest while... and how come?
It's because I'm simply just bathing in my liberté- yesterday was in fact my last exam. 
I came out of the classroom feeling rather emotional... but unfortunately no tears (i do in fact apologize to those who were expecting the Good Sob as I have been predicting that I would- the riverbed was simply all dried up)
I also got to meet up with my friend Danny Boy- i think i was a tad bit cranky when I was talking to him in regards as to what we should do... then it hit me that it was because i was just simply starving- after that three hour brutality, it was no great feat, writing three essays on the European Reformation.
We met up, and of course by then i have purchased the special edition of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (without a doubt) and couldn't wait to watch it.

We started to stroll around aimlessly on where we should go, then ended up walking all the way down Yonge, until we hit Dundas... didn't mind actually, it was lovely outside and walking does do you good!
While we were conversing, we made plans on my move in day (seven days!) that as soon as i drop all of my things, we are heading out to the Harbourfront so that I may win the bet and prove to him that there is a nuclear power plant located there ( it's called that, although its actually converted into an art gallery, but he'll never know until we get there....)

So now that summer's really here, there's just endless possibilities waiting in store.

Had the opportunity to watch "De-Lovely" which portrays the wonderful world of the life of Cole Porter and Linda Porter- although it wasn't all fun and games at times, but marvelous all the more. The love between them and the fact that some of his songs were inspired by her is just utterly (sigh).... 
And not to mention the music! "Night and Day" "Begin the Beguine" "It's De-Lovely" performed by Robbie Williams did it justice- decided that this shall be my wedding song if I ever do get married, haha :)  Cole Porter has always been a favorite so I enjoyed this motion picture.
 One of my favorite parts (and there were a few) was how when he came upon a piano, he went: "An unmanned piano! " 
This definitely ties back to how I would feel whenever I come upon those pianos I would encounter in the historic hotels I've been to... i think i just might say that the next time i come across an unmanned piano, just because.

I suppose I will make use of this day by catching on some leisure reading (which i have quite an amount to get back to) and will most likely head out later in the evening to go dine with the lovely cosmopolitans and artists to catch up on old times and a haughty game of gin perhaps? ;) 

"It's divine, dear, it's de-vene, dear, it's de-wunderbar, it's de-victory.
 It's de-velop, it's de-vinner, it's de-voix, it's de-lovely!"

That's all for now, bisous!

Friday, May 1, 2009

On why at the end of the day, life is so grand

Musique: She and Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

I must say..... wow. 
This day had just about summed up what i've been putting off for the longest time-a fun-filled day that brings back to the parisian lifestyle of lapping up the enjoyment and pleasure in engaging such simple endearing moments of bliss.

First there was...... a champagne picnic! Then ... flirtations on the patio at 1 King West! Then... to explore Le Méridien King Edward Hotel to which we find the location being the city's first jail and hanging yard! (Gasp)
And a  stroll to St. Lawrence leaving traces of enchantment, with the seductive Nicholas Hoare whispering over my shoulder! And to pass through the evenings by taking part in a parti à l'hôtel- oh my! 
And let's not forget- drama and desire in between...

So I get up at 6:20 in the morning ( i am not kidding you) just so i get bust my derriere down to the city just in time for my Fine Arts History exam from 9-11... lord oh lord, pray let this be the last time that i may suffer through such terrible ordeals!
I come outside to find that its gorgeous. Gorgeous in a way where you just want to grab your lover and kiss him (or her) to pieces (in which case, if you don't have one at the moment, then kiss the professor- haha only kidding!... unless you find kissing the professor randomly is hot then well, its up to your discretion) .
Of course, i find myself having a date with my amie to which i find myself on King... making plans for a champagne picnic! Yay champagne picnics!

We first debated about which glasses in which we should use, so we used her glasses that she owns and a great nice ice bucket to contain these wonderful glasses of joy in which we shall put our champagne! Then onwards to LCBO which we finally decided on some nice Hypnotiq and some 7UP to go with it... you can see how dee-lish its going to be and inside these really awesome glasses too!

So we arrive at the Harbourfront after walking in such windy conditions, and along the way i hear from my friend that Fendi is apparently going to interior design a lucky condo! Guess who's going to be one of the first to be on the waiting list for that building (ahem)....

So for awhile we wonder what sort of food would do justice to our "champagne" picnic (yes, so we didn't get some Dom Perignon.... that blue drink would suffice) so we arrive at Pumpernickel's with me ordering fish and chips ( i mean, I'm near the lake so that whole body of water and nice boats gave me the sudden urge for some)

You know, good weather will get back at you...only when i arrived home and stepped into the shower did i realize just how golden i turned... stupid sunshine... no, i take it back- i love the sun so a little tan doesn't hurt.
Oh , and the highlight of the moment during that segment? 
"Um excuse me" says this preppy mom who think she's all that, "do you know......(insert charlie brown's imitation of the teacher wah-wahing)" then as a reply, i go "sorry, I'm from london, ENGLAND." God, i was dying inside, only Tiff knows what this whole thing means haha .....

There were various times where i had the urge to steal that ship and sail away into the vast ocean and have random adventures, have sword-fights with nasty pirates, and have wine and cheese all day. Then it immediately hit me like a ton of bricks... it's situated on a lake...

I was just too darn happy and carefree after downing my sparkling blue drink, letting my problems wash away... being excited about move-in day to my residence (which is in TWELVE days) and went on and on how we should be like the individuals in the olden days were there would be champagne picnics all afternoon long and the engagement of philosophy, art and whatnot were contemplated. God, i love feeling carefree...

A good start to the afternoon i must say, a good afternoon...

So now you can get your fortune taken by the Fortune-On-Wheels for just 30 cents- step right up ladies and gents! The best part is that your fortune would be taken by yours truly so even better.

Afterwards, we took the route back to King where we decided to go on the patio at 1 King West while continuing to sip on our petite sippy... and the view was just utterly spectacular without a shadow of a doubt. Of course being silly me, i just had to attempt to get that secretary across from the building to wave at me... even better was that a couple of guys came out to a patio across the building and got them to wave... and one of them gestured for us to come over. So then I gestured a "you come here"... of course none of us would as that would take great measures to actually attempt to go over, so no.

Of course, in discussing what to do with the rest of our time, we sat in the sauna-there's something about the smell of saunas that's just so overwhelmingly nice and makes you drowsy, so we sat there for the longest time, slowly drawing out our plans- that was when the idea of strolling through St. Lawrence and visiting the darling Nicolas Hoare came up and it was agreed upon.

Nicolas Hoare has got to be my heaven-sent place to which it drives me nuts with love! The books they display... how they all scream for me, from Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. to Proust, to those really vintage books of Paris and London, as well as those coffee table books.... with those ladders against the shelves and small paintings scattered throughout the store! If I ever work there, i would undoubtedly purchase all the books and be sadly poor. Can't stop stating how much I love this place... J'aime! J'aime! J'aime!

On the way back, we obviously had to stop by Le Méridien King Edward Hotel to engage in a bit of urban exploration... and the fact that it used to be the location of the city's jail and hanging yard! Creepy! It reminded me of the time when i believed that The Shining was shot at the Royal York... and being there at night didn't help much, I just screamed a little inside the whole entire time we were exploring there....

Inside was absolutely stunning... of course, we looked for the Ballroom right away, but the atmosphere was very pleasant, very sophisticated, and the royal blue staircase- extra brownie points.
Upon entering the elevator, we accidentally hit basement (or lower level, i can't recall which) and as we stepped off.. the first thing I see is this:

I gasped and quickly skipped towards the piano and played a bit of tunes... but the fact that they had a piano! And, as we were going about, it wasn't just one, but THREE i uncovered-so far... the Royal York- I lose count, it was around six or something of the sort... played them all- its my thing to discover pianos in historic hotels and play tunes on them!

Now this lamp made me laugh out loud... it's something I would want to acquire for my own space. Imagined if it actually worked when you blow into it! That would be something eh...ehhhhh.

Oh, these sneaky employers of Le Méridien King Edward Hotel... thought nobody would find out about the secret stash huh... well you guys thought Wrong.

Of course by the end, I knew i was dehydrated and craving for a Iced Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, so we settled there for awhile to cool things off. Shortly after, we arrived back to her place, to find those people we met earlier from the sauna where they were exploring as well. They were a group of people that stayed at 1 King West for a hotel party gathering sort of thing. It was then we conversed with them, and it was there I found out that one of the guys goes to my University. Small world, I'm telling yah. It was fun and awhile after all the conversing led me feeling tired from the whole roundabouts of the day, so I called it a night. Nice bunch of people they were. And boy, what a fun-filled day it was... and there's more to come throughout this summer, that I promise you. To end off, I wish my friend a bon voyage as she is off to Asia for a month!

That's all for now. Love life, bisous!!


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