Sunday, June 28, 2009

Verses of comfort, assurance and salvation

Musique: Carla Bruni- L'amour

"The power of imagination makes us infinite. "-John Muir

Hello loves!

Took that picture above at like 7 in the morning... i just had to capture that image- knowing i may not even wake up at that time ever again was all the more reason to, haha.
Okay well it seems like i have not updated in ages so here goes!

Firstly on the previous Friday, I had a post-birthday celebration with good company up at the patio of Jack Astors on Dundas towards the evening... had interesting drinks and food to go around... chats and laughter was evidential throughout the fun evening.

Tried and tested: Loving the look for this dress...very '20's inspired look i would feel, the colour is a lovely champagne cream... i felt very chic, knowing that I would wear this on any given day if i could -to the shops, to the lounge, etc.

Moi, je joue...

Furthermore, I decided that with so much events that have been taking place this summer- I call them "dramatic spectacular spectaculars"- amongst me and my friend, that we should start writing a memoir.
Indeed this summer has turned out to be quite a moulin rouge in terms of the inspirations, the loves, the craziness, the lively and glamorous evenings to the lounges which me and my friend would always find ourselves in good company in. Ah, to be young and carefree....
We should, seeing as these are our golden ages. ;)

Loving this: Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte... I found it to be such a unique and interesting piece..great blending of colours and the look of the dress is very interesting-not to mention her shoes are something I would wear around the city, even in dark skinny jeans.

An oldie but a goodie: Been listening to this as I came across it amongst my cozy pile of Cd's... I actually purchased this a couple of years ago at Club Monaco- snatched it up right away.

I also recall that they used to sell Hotel Costes music as well.. wonder why they don't sell rare Cd's like these anymore... really glad i purchased this on the spot.
J'adore Karl Lagerfeld! Long live the Lagerfeld.

Music and fashion really do blend with one another... I love how there was two discs for these, one was music that he would listen "at home" and the music he used for "work"- on the runway for Chanel.
Must watch Coco Avant Chanel...if it ever premieres here, which seems to take forever to get here to Toronto- grr...

Towards the end of the evening, I found myself at the bookstore, picking up a favourite novel to glance through, a Paris Vogue, and some Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade- my must for this summer.
Through it all, it was a relaxing atmosphere, and that's what I like to find at the end of the day-a time to reflect, a time to dream...
And that's all for now! Ciao!


  1. that part about writing a memoir makes me sad lol...makes me realize how much I'm gonna miss these days of our lives when I'm old..and on my deathbed lol - when I will definately be thinking of these fun summer days

  2. Lol on your deathbed...if i can remember it... and definitely about these fun summer my favourite saying for the summer- "I hope we always feel this way"

  3. love love love that tiered dress!

  4. thanks so much luve! I know I found it to be a really nice piece as well!


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