Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summertime, and the living is easy...

"The boundaries which divide life from death are at best shadowy and vague.Who shall say where one ends,and the other begins?" Edgar Alan Poe

Hello loves!
Today is a Saturday and boy do I love that sinking feeling of joy that Saturday brings which not only involves potential relaxation, but fun and a release, which weekdays have got you bottling.

I can't wait to see this film! The very second I finished watching the trailer for it, it was instant summer love. I loved how they put Hall and Oates, Temper Trap, and Regina Spektor for the trailer music- too awesome for words.

Zooey Deschanel is hands down, one of my favourite actresses at the moment and it was such a perfect pairing with Joseph Gordon-Levitt ...watching clips of this, probably the main reason why it drives me nuts with love is that I see life in that sort of free-spirited, artistic eye point and have been through awesome relationships like that and with friends that are like that too and strive for that sense of things-that-can-happen-in-a-magical-sort of way. Still living life that way!

Oh, did I forget to mention that this film drives me nuts with love? I'll add that emphasis just in case.

Yesterday I had a wacky awesome of a time with Geoffrey my awesome french friend in which we explored a bit of the city and was off in our little world.
The day before that, we were up until almost 4 in the morning at my place watching Transformers, to refresh our minds a bit as we can't WAIT to see the second transformers.... I'm so pumped to see it! I'm such a Transformers fan, its ridiculous.

I decided to show him the courtyard of Trinity College, and the maze-like landscape for some reason reminded me of Alice in Wonderland for some oddball reason.
"Off with your head!" we would cry to on another in a jokingly manner.
The best part was we went on opposite ends of this "maze" and what we decided to do was that we would walk on the concrete lines and without jumping over grass, find some way to meet each other in the middle.
Thought it was going to be complex, but we managed to meet in the middle in less than two minutes, and gave each other a high five in satisfaction. There were other people looking at us doing this attempt, but as usual, we couldn't care less- stuck in our little magical world.

Well last night, I had a gathering of friends and we decided to go to the lounge called Pravda which is down at St. Lawrence... walking in it was really interesting the decor and how it looks like a Russian parlour- with noir and rouge a big pattern throughout, with burgundy curtains and gold pillars and period posters of Lenin or Stalin- quite interesting.

See this cute hugable person? It was a total genuine surprise from my french friend when we were meeting at an intersection a few evenings ago. Its a ninja which I always saw on display in one of my fave stores in the city called Propaganda- and now I own one!
I love what the tags says about it: "Wee Ninja- Although Wee Ninjas make up the general population of Ninjatown, that hardly means they lack complexity. In fact, Wee Ninjas train constantly to refine many of the techniques all Ninjas use today, including but not limited to the Stealth Hug, Sneak Snuggles and Nubs of Tickle Fury. Favourite snack: Wasabi Peas"
-The fact that his favourite snack is wasabi peas- a keeper without a doubt.

And that's not all!
For my birthday (Yes , I am turning 21 on June 21st- my champagne birthday!) I received from my french friend Stella by Stella McCartney perfume- which is one of my favourites as it smells like roses (my favourite flowers)
I was too stunned for words!
The best part this weekend is the cake...its not just any cake, but a tiramisu cake that a specific bakery makes which is incredible.
Will bring back a huge slice for Geoffrey on Monday so that we can share- cause sharing is caring!! :)
And that's all for now!!


  1. cuuuuute ninja!
    lol last night was sort of a disappointment..but it sure was interesting. we definately have to go back to Pravda hahah..


  2. Yeah we have to go back again... i know i hearts the ninja so much!



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