Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Last Tango In Paris....

Musique: Nitin Sawhney- Nostalgia

"Insist on yourself. Never imitate."- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Bonjour loves!

Had a great day today... but first, a few updates on the past couple of days.

Lately, I've been obsessed with skyscrapers and historic buildings, so my friend and I decided to go around the financial district...even (gasp) to enter these financial buildings, enter the elevators and go up on the highest level in the building possible. Of course, it was also beneficial that we knew some people there :)

I first went to the Commerce Court... I really didn't know what to expect but wow...

I shot this when I was at the front and turned around to capture what it looked like upon coming out from this building...

There was definitely an air of clean chicness to this building...and the way it looked in a old-style sort of way definitely made me like this building even more.

I was very impressed... it was quiet, with a low humming of voices going over numbers and other things of the was splendid walking towards the middle of the middle, with the men in suits and posh women going back and forth.

Especially when I looked up, the ceiling was marvellous... I think this is going to be one of my favourite buildings. Very interesting indeed.

Next we went to the Ernst and Young Towers... it wasn't too bad upon entering the building. It was just as nice... then we decided to head back to 1 King West shortly after...

Also, apart from the architecture of those grand buildings looming over which casts such shadows down below where we walk to and fro, another thing I like to observe upon are elevators... the Royal York Hotel's elevators I liked, as it was had an antique look to it... the best ones are the ones with mirrors all over, including the ceiling, how it's furnished inside, and the type of flooring it uses (marble, etc)...

Of course, upon strolling around King, stumbled upon these amazing sort of artworks in the financial district, outside one of their back courtyards.

I was just grateful we even have things like this in the city...where most of the time, I keep wishing it would be a little bit more European influenced... oh well, Paris is next summer so it'll be very soon until I actually go to Europe!

Can't get enough of the view of the skyscrapers....something majestic and protruding and powerful about them that makes the urban landscape what it is... I think the best view to see all this was on the 49th floor at 1 King West.... beautiful.

So.. about today!
Yesterday, I went to sleep at around 6... in the morning and did not get up until 4... in the afternoon.
I think it was the first time that with a group of friends, I literally saw the sun rise in the city-one of the great advantages of living in the city. It was interesting to see that when you faced one direction, you can see the hint of a daylight glow and when you look in the other side, it was pitch black, haha.
On another note, it is a well known fact that I much rather prefer to go to lounges or hotel lounges the most in the evenings. So it was then that I caught up with my friend Tiff around 5:30-6ish and shortly after dinner, we decided to lounge at Le Royal Meridien King Edward Hotel...

I approved of the atmosphere as it was definitely the type of setting to just have a laugh with Tiff as we went reflecting about our crazy life, not to mention the jazzy french music that played when we were there...

Of course, I had a cosmopolitan, my favourite preference of drink. As the hours went by, and the night got darker, and watching the people go by, there was a deep sense of comfort, not to mention you could really feel like dozing there as it was so relaxing.

Shortly thereafter, we decided to go check out events that were taking place... Luminato.. where creative artistic happenings are taking place.. so we went to Dundas Square to check out some live salsa music..

The great part of all of this is that not only did you enjoy the music- I did sway back and forth a bit- but the couples that were there that were salsa dancing throughout the entire time and let me tell you something- they sure can dance!
And that's all for now, bisous!


  1. Hi joanna!
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog,yours is much pretty too,i like layout's image!
    I'll visit your blog sometimes,and i wish to learn to write better in english,so i can write my post also in english!

  2. Hello :) thanks so much for your sweet comment!
    This post is full of amazing photos, I love skyscrapers, too. Looks like you have had some amazing experiences and visited incredible places, I loved reading this post!


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