Friday, July 3, 2009

We slide across the ocean floor...

Musique: Nekta- No Need To Rumble (from Saint-Germain-Des- Pres Cafe Vol. 10 compilations)

"Our waking hours form the text of our lives, our dreams, the commentary."

Bonjour loves!

This excerpt i will call it "The Inspirational Blurb" as I will be talking more about my interests, inspiration, etc, rather than my life so here goes:

Well, I am at my parent's place in the Suburbialand... one of the main reasons being that its because I have to recover and get treatment from the most god awful sunburns I've ever had on my legs!
I was out at the beach this past Wednesday and literally passed out due to reasons that I have been awake for more than 23 hours watching the sun rise that day just for Canada Day... which by the way, once I go back to my place, will upload the magnificent pics I managed to capture!

I wake up to this horrible burning feel on my legs (never ever leaving the house without sunscreen EVER again, I'm not listening to anybody anymore). The rest of the day, I couldn't even walk properly and all I wanted to do was sleep.

Been listening to some Saint- Germain -Des- Pres Cafe music and in all honesty, its up there with Hotel Costes compilations - I love that it has more of a jazz feel (and Paris, haha)... "Slow Train Soul" and "Take Three" by Club Des Belugas, sweeps you off and away! It's also a really good atmospheric music to sink into- which i have been doing, lounging on a couch and reading a book.

Speaking of books... during my whole recovery process, what I've been reading are:

It is such a creamy read!
I mean its effortless gliding through its pages and savoring what Helena has to say. Makes me miss my days being with a lover.... kidding! I can stand on the fact that I cannot possibly wearing sneakers or sweatpants if its purpose is not for exercising.. I can't see how people can just wear that... when I walk out, I do care how I present myself... so in short, I guess you'll never see me at my worst.... ever. (tee hee)

Of course this classic never fails. It's very captivating to say the least. There's one part where C├ęcile says of Anne Larsen " To her I owed my first glimpse of elegance". In this case, I think it was my mother who gave me my first glimpse of elegance, no other person can take that glow away from her. I learned a lot from her, and for that I am forever grateful.

I took the time to watch Chanel's Train de Nuit by Jean Pierre Jeunet,.
For me, it took us off on a journey and left us with a lust for passion and wondrous adventures.

The Orient Express is one of few things I would love to do. I wish to travel old-world style through trains, which I think is the right way to travel.. playing card games, getting enchanting flirts with a handsome stranger, or being right beside a loved one... that's the way to go ;)

After Luhrmann's take with Nicole Kidman, I honestly thought no one could top the next commercial when it comes along.. then comes the perfect choice of Audrey Tatou (which she does play Coco Chanel in Coco Avant Chanel) and it has an refreshing and lighter take with the whole traveling old world style sort of way... don't get me wrong, I love the magnificence of Luhrmann's Chanel N°5.

Loving it: Oscar De La Renta's Resort 2010- which is more Parisian inspired I would think.

Yes, you've got me- I'm caught in the Lady Noire Affair!
It was an interesting piece of twist for the Lady Dior bag, and the film's coming in chapters which are directed by Oliver Dahan (who did La Vie En Rose by the way)

It was really satisfying to see Marion Cotillard being portrayed for this ad- Apart from Catherine Deneuve, Eva Green, and Audrey Tatou, Marion is really up there in terms of my favourite french actresses. There's something softly sensual about her as well as possessing a classic quality as well... she was excellent as Edith Piaf I must say... of course that's why she won that Oscar without a doubt.

It's by chance that I'm talking about two great designer houses and their films for their perfume and handbag. But hey, it was how I was spending my time, as I try to get some rest and relax as the weekend unfolds.

Well, that's all for now! Ciao!


  1. LOVE this post! The images, your words and thoughts, and the idea of listening to one of my favorite cd's - Saint- Germain -Des- Pres Cafe - just put me over the moon!

    Hope your sunburn has healed...

  2. Oh merci!! I'm always grateful for such kind words, and yes my sunburn is healing well although it stands out for miles and I have to cover my legs for weeks!


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