Wednesday, May 6, 2009

"There are no little memories with you"

Musique: Ella Fitzgerald- Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love)

Richard: [showing Gabrielle the apartment] This is it. The office there, I live up here, and uh, the terrace is out there. That rather grotesque object looming so formidably on the horizon is the Eiffel Tower. I had it moved there to remind me what town I'm in. If it offends you, of course, I'll have it taken away again. 
-William Holden in Paris When It Sizzles (1964)

Slept in for what seems to be the first time in the longest while... and how come?
It's because I'm simply just bathing in my liberté- yesterday was in fact my last exam. 
I came out of the classroom feeling rather emotional... but unfortunately no tears (i do in fact apologize to those who were expecting the Good Sob as I have been predicting that I would- the riverbed was simply all dried up)
I also got to meet up with my friend Danny Boy- i think i was a tad bit cranky when I was talking to him in regards as to what we should do... then it hit me that it was because i was just simply starving- after that three hour brutality, it was no great feat, writing three essays on the European Reformation.
We met up, and of course by then i have purchased the special edition of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (without a doubt) and couldn't wait to watch it.

We started to stroll around aimlessly on where we should go, then ended up walking all the way down Yonge, until we hit Dundas... didn't mind actually, it was lovely outside and walking does do you good!
While we were conversing, we made plans on my move in day (seven days!) that as soon as i drop all of my things, we are heading out to the Harbourfront so that I may win the bet and prove to him that there is a nuclear power plant located there ( it's called that, although its actually converted into an art gallery, but he'll never know until we get there....)

So now that summer's really here, there's just endless possibilities waiting in store.

Had the opportunity to watch "De-Lovely" which portrays the wonderful world of the life of Cole Porter and Linda Porter- although it wasn't all fun and games at times, but marvelous all the more. The love between them and the fact that some of his songs were inspired by her is just utterly (sigh).... 
And not to mention the music! "Night and Day" "Begin the Beguine" "It's De-Lovely" performed by Robbie Williams did it justice- decided that this shall be my wedding song if I ever do get married, haha :)  Cole Porter has always been a favorite so I enjoyed this motion picture.
 One of my favorite parts (and there were a few) was how when he came upon a piano, he went: "An unmanned piano! " 
This definitely ties back to how I would feel whenever I come upon those pianos I would encounter in the historic hotels I've been to... i think i just might say that the next time i come across an unmanned piano, just because.

I suppose I will make use of this day by catching on some leisure reading (which i have quite an amount to get back to) and will most likely head out later in the evening to go dine with the lovely cosmopolitans and artists to catch up on old times and a haughty game of gin perhaps? ;) 

"It's divine, dear, it's de-vene, dear, it's de-wunderbar, it's de-victory.
 It's de-velop, it's de-vinner, it's de-voix, it's de-lovely!"

That's all for now, bisous!

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