Monday, May 25, 2009

There and Back -Part One

Musique: Beth Rowley- Careless Talk (From The Edge of Love soundtrack..which by the way, is one of my favourite films as well!)

Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.

Franz Kafka

Bonjour loves!
Woke up in the afternoon feeling better..last night i couldn't help finishing off watching Love In The Time of Cholera... the film was alright -but the book is definitely a must read before you die sort of thing.

Well plenty of things happened around town so I must say as much as I can!
Met up with a friend whom I knew since my first year at university, and when I think back on how we first met, I couldn't think how afterwards how much of an impact he had on the things I decide on academic-wise.
I looked up to him kind of like a mentor sort of feel. We spend time walking around, and seeing as we haven't seen each other in the longest while, it was funny to know that he was still his same old self.
Well that day was an event called "Doors Open Toronto" which is that majority of all public buildings are open to the public for anyone interested to enter and explore.
It is because of that we decided to enter City Hall.

Okay, I admit this isn't the greatest shot I've ever taken, but the message was profound to me, because Toronto is a great city, and I hope in 2050 it will continue to shine.

To be honest, it was my first time inside City Hall and it was quite interesting.
Other events include spending the day with my friend and explored around queen, bought a couple of things (haven't done that in awhile so Yay!)
Of course without any hesitation, with high giggles and goggling, we watched Terminator to get a dose of Christian Bale...its really sad at how much we love this guy haha.

The best part of the evening that day was when we explored this interesting biomedical building on campus and it was first our spirits were dampened when we found out you needed a special card to get in...but that didn't stop us.
We managed to go into another building next to it to attempt to get there- and once we were inside... i must say, the artwork being hung in those science buildings are a disgrace.

First of all, its a bunch of colourful scribbles and etchings in coloured pencil of absolutely nothing... whoever did that must think its some form of abstraction.
To me, it was simply a kindergarten's attempt to scribble.
Of course, after observing these ridiculous works of art, I jokingly mentioned to Sufia that I should donate my artworks if they they think that such pitiful (and by god they were pitiful) works were seen as Art.
They've got a thing or two coming.

We then came upon a classroom that links to the interior of the biomedical building and of course, the only thing that was stopping us was the window.

(Vague recollection of event unfolding)
Joanne: "You don't think these windows can open up and then.."
Sufia: "Yes! And we can just go over!"

(Opening hinges, and both of our arms were heaving the window upwards but to our dismay, did not budge at all)

Joanne: "Hey there's an open window up there!"
(As I walked closer, indeed it was opened just a sliver)

Sufia: "Ou, that could work"

(It was then that I stood upwards to the window and then looked down. There was a very very steep bottom and unless we somehow jumped across the small glass barrier..we would be facing a possible risk of critical injury or we'd be under pure stupidity to attempt a jump in the first place)

Joanne: "Alrighty, lets just check the other hallway then"

So we continued to further explore the halls and soon enough I looked out the window and found that I was on the other side of campus. We both looked at each other in awe..and laughed and how we "time travelled" here.
Good to know that if i can remember how to retrace the maze we went through, we can eventually get to the other side of campus.
Of course I can't even recall at all how we got there.

When we got back, at one of the older buildings on campus-those gorgeous ivy covered sort of buildings- there was a sort of tower room with from the wide windows, you can see those old-style sort of chandeliers.

I jokingly said to Sufia how this bulding is where the Illuminati meetings take place and further explain how they do certain rituals which includes the significant dancing-naked-and-chanting bit.

I also mentioned to her that I did this act with my other friend where there's a heavy wooden door to this tower and knocked once, thinking nothing would occur.
Immediately after I knocked, a person actually opened it and said "Hello?" But because I was so surprised at that notion, i actually took off!
My friend, he was also shocked, followed me and we couldn't stop laughing.

So excited that it would be funny to knock on that wooden door to expect anything..she walked closer and knocked.
Sure enough there was ruffling inside and a muffled voice and the door began to open slowly!
Of course we both screamed a little and took off like little kids! But we were laughing soooo hard at how this had happened again!

It was then we went up some stairs within that building and came across a room, dark as the lights were off so all was embraced by the darkness of the night sky as all the windows were without curtains. We walked to the old grand piano situated in one corner of the room and started to play a little.
Playing the piano in the dark was really was a bit melodramatic and at the same time, it was so peaceful just to be like this.

Alright there is more stuff to write about but I must head off at the moment, so more to come! Bisous!

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