Friday, May 1, 2009

On why at the end of the day, life is so grand

Musique: She and Him- Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

I must say..... wow. 
This day had just about summed up what i've been putting off for the longest time-a fun-filled day that brings back to the parisian lifestyle of lapping up the enjoyment and pleasure in engaging such simple endearing moments of bliss.

First there was...... a champagne picnic! Then ... flirtations on the patio at 1 King West! Then... to explore Le Méridien King Edward Hotel to which we find the location being the city's first jail and hanging yard! (Gasp)
And a  stroll to St. Lawrence leaving traces of enchantment, with the seductive Nicholas Hoare whispering over my shoulder! And to pass through the evenings by taking part in a parti à l'hôtel- oh my! 
And let's not forget- drama and desire in between...

So I get up at 6:20 in the morning ( i am not kidding you) just so i get bust my derriere down to the city just in time for my Fine Arts History exam from 9-11... lord oh lord, pray let this be the last time that i may suffer through such terrible ordeals!
I come outside to find that its gorgeous. Gorgeous in a way where you just want to grab your lover and kiss him (or her) to pieces (in which case, if you don't have one at the moment, then kiss the professor- haha only kidding!... unless you find kissing the professor randomly is hot then well, its up to your discretion) .
Of course, i find myself having a date with my amie to which i find myself on King... making plans for a champagne picnic! Yay champagne picnics!

We first debated about which glasses in which we should use, so we used her glasses that she owns and a great nice ice bucket to contain these wonderful glasses of joy in which we shall put our champagne! Then onwards to LCBO which we finally decided on some nice Hypnotiq and some 7UP to go with it... you can see how dee-lish its going to be and inside these really awesome glasses too!

So we arrive at the Harbourfront after walking in such windy conditions, and along the way i hear from my friend that Fendi is apparently going to interior design a lucky condo! Guess who's going to be one of the first to be on the waiting list for that building (ahem)....

So for awhile we wonder what sort of food would do justice to our "champagne" picnic (yes, so we didn't get some Dom Perignon.... that blue drink would suffice) so we arrive at Pumpernickel's with me ordering fish and chips ( i mean, I'm near the lake so that whole body of water and nice boats gave me the sudden urge for some)

You know, good weather will get back at you...only when i arrived home and stepped into the shower did i realize just how golden i turned... stupid sunshine... no, i take it back- i love the sun so a little tan doesn't hurt.
Oh , and the highlight of the moment during that segment? 
"Um excuse me" says this preppy mom who think she's all that, "do you know......(insert charlie brown's imitation of the teacher wah-wahing)" then as a reply, i go "sorry, I'm from london, ENGLAND." God, i was dying inside, only Tiff knows what this whole thing means haha .....

There were various times where i had the urge to steal that ship and sail away into the vast ocean and have random adventures, have sword-fights with nasty pirates, and have wine and cheese all day. Then it immediately hit me like a ton of bricks... it's situated on a lake...

I was just too darn happy and carefree after downing my sparkling blue drink, letting my problems wash away... being excited about move-in day to my residence (which is in TWELVE days) and went on and on how we should be like the individuals in the olden days were there would be champagne picnics all afternoon long and the engagement of philosophy, art and whatnot were contemplated. God, i love feeling carefree...

A good start to the afternoon i must say, a good afternoon...

So now you can get your fortune taken by the Fortune-On-Wheels for just 30 cents- step right up ladies and gents! The best part is that your fortune would be taken by yours truly so even better.

Afterwards, we took the route back to King where we decided to go on the patio at 1 King West while continuing to sip on our petite sippy... and the view was just utterly spectacular without a shadow of a doubt. Of course being silly me, i just had to attempt to get that secretary across from the building to wave at me... even better was that a couple of guys came out to a patio across the building and got them to wave... and one of them gestured for us to come over. So then I gestured a "you come here"... of course none of us would as that would take great measures to actually attempt to go over, so no.

Of course, in discussing what to do with the rest of our time, we sat in the sauna-there's something about the smell of saunas that's just so overwhelmingly nice and makes you drowsy, so we sat there for the longest time, slowly drawing out our plans- that was when the idea of strolling through St. Lawrence and visiting the darling Nicolas Hoare came up and it was agreed upon.

Nicolas Hoare has got to be my heaven-sent place to which it drives me nuts with love! The books they display... how they all scream for me, from Breakfast at Tiffany's by Truman Capote. to Proust, to those really vintage books of Paris and London, as well as those coffee table books.... with those ladders against the shelves and small paintings scattered throughout the store! If I ever work there, i would undoubtedly purchase all the books and be sadly poor. Can't stop stating how much I love this place... J'aime! J'aime! J'aime!

On the way back, we obviously had to stop by Le Méridien King Edward Hotel to engage in a bit of urban exploration... and the fact that it used to be the location of the city's jail and hanging yard! Creepy! It reminded me of the time when i believed that The Shining was shot at the Royal York... and being there at night didn't help much, I just screamed a little inside the whole entire time we were exploring there....

Inside was absolutely stunning... of course, we looked for the Ballroom right away, but the atmosphere was very pleasant, very sophisticated, and the royal blue staircase- extra brownie points.
Upon entering the elevator, we accidentally hit basement (or lower level, i can't recall which) and as we stepped off.. the first thing I see is this:

I gasped and quickly skipped towards the piano and played a bit of tunes... but the fact that they had a piano! And, as we were going about, it wasn't just one, but THREE i uncovered-so far... the Royal York- I lose count, it was around six or something of the sort... played them all- its my thing to discover pianos in historic hotels and play tunes on them!

Now this lamp made me laugh out loud... it's something I would want to acquire for my own space. Imagined if it actually worked when you blow into it! That would be something eh...ehhhhh.

Oh, these sneaky employers of Le Méridien King Edward Hotel... thought nobody would find out about the secret stash huh... well you guys thought Wrong.

Of course by the end, I knew i was dehydrated and craving for a Iced Green Tea Lemonade from Starbucks, so we settled there for awhile to cool things off. Shortly after, we arrived back to her place, to find those people we met earlier from the sauna where they were exploring as well. They were a group of people that stayed at 1 King West for a hotel party gathering sort of thing. It was then we conversed with them, and it was there I found out that one of the guys goes to my University. Small world, I'm telling yah. It was fun and awhile after all the conversing led me feeling tired from the whole roundabouts of the day, so I called it a night. Nice bunch of people they were. And boy, what a fun-filled day it was... and there's more to come throughout this summer, that I promise you. To end off, I wish my friend a bon voyage as she is off to Asia for a month!

That's all for now. Love life, bisous!!


  1. YAYYYYYYYYY! Love this post you really posted about everything! lol

    omg I just got back from my walk. I brought my neighbour to Royal York but all the doors were locked this time =\ & I didn't manage to find a single piano lol.....(he wanted to play one)
    & I must tell you what else happened..

    anywhoo can't wait to do it again!!!

  2. By the way the first anonymous is your SISTER muahaha i knew you were going to slug me for that...just joking, i love you!! BIG HEARTS


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