Monday, May 18, 2009

Four letter word just to get me along

Musique: Madonna- Give It To Me (Paul Oakenfold Remix)

Bonjour luves.
Right now I am at a friend's cottage and am simply bathing in bliss and washing away the little grey shards. It was quite random actually. I was thinking of going home today but instead I get a phone call at 12 from a friend asking if i would like to get out of the city and enjoy a change of scenery. Of course I said yes without a moment's hesitation and so packed lightly and waited for them to come pick me up.

On the road, it was a bit windy, but the sun was shining and all through the car ride, we listed to Blossom Deary and Louis Armstrong. Upon arrival, the cottage was quite nice and the view was just simply amazing. I loved how there were little pastel-colored blues and pinks of the pebbles that once you follow, leads you to the water.

I took some time away to write a bit here since I have not been updating for quite some time. As some may know, I arrived at the city with packs and luggage and I love the view that I have.
Since then I have been hanging out with a  corporal ( That's right Darwin, oh my! lol haha  :)  )  Meeting and chatting with a great bunch of french people that are from northern France for a BBQ into the wee hours... basically enjoying an intermingling of old and new friends.

Moments I enjoy in my new place is where the living room is in the main level, I would pull up a comfy couch and with the view that portrays the CN Tower and all the towering beauties, read Jazz Age stories and reading past articles of The New Yorker. Although the most frustrating thing is that I've been disconnected from the world as I can't get internet somehow on my laptop! It's really irritating... also another reason why I haven't been updating and keeping touch on msn and whatnot... will hopefully get it fixed and talk to the porter soon (who was really nice on helping but couldn't find a solution either, but the attempt was very thoughtful)

I want to wear this! I want to wear this when I go to a lounge or just simply wearing this piece when I am out on a lovely evening. Its from Balmain Spring/Summer 2009. Balmain is a favourite of mine along with...

There's just something divinely mystifying about Lanvin that just captivates me so. Their pieces are exquisite and Alber Elbaz vision is simply stunning. Must acquire some of them to my closet :) :)

On a whole other note, I cannot wait to go see the upcoming Terminator film ... lol I must shyly admit, I have such a deep crush on Christian Bale. I want to marry this man or be with someone who looks like him but have all the satisfying qualities like intelligence and humor- LOL haha :P Hey, a girl can only dream!

Another wonderful day was yesterday when my favorite girl in the universe Sufia (she's my living saviour really) came to see how I was and we went out to lunch to this place called Futures. I did not know what to expect but the cakes.... We had some perogies (which were dee-lish) and white chocolate truffle cake which was heaven! There were so many to pick! I think I will attempt to try all of those heavenly cakes throughout the summer... of course I will be walking it off with all of that eating! Great place for comfort food as my friend mentioned- and she was right!

Afterwards we walked to Union Station, and went to lounge at the Royal York... it was amazing because they have six pianos there as I've mentioned previously. We go up to the second floor, the vast floor was empty and was almost eerie, but seeing as both of us were daring enough we entered and soon enough, found a grand piano. It was then we decided to play a duet piece which she and her instructor composed.... it was so melodramatically beautiful. I tried my best to play well, and yes I did mess up a few times (maybe too much I think, I suck at timing) but in the end, all was well :)

And that's all for now, bisous!

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  1. omgggg you are amazing and too stunning for words!!!!! lol lol :)


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