Thursday, May 28, 2009

At last! A female's version of a Gentlemen's Club

Musique: Alif Tree- Belle

I’m not an abstractionist. I’m not interested in the relationship of color or form or anything else. I’m interested only in expressing basic human emotions: tragedy, ecstasy, doom, and so on.

Yesterday was such a fantastic day.

First of all , I finally got to see my good friend Tiff who came back from Asia, as she went for a month, but it felt like ages!!!

We decided to go to Yorkville to do some lounging/eating so we decided to try upon our new found hangout MoRoCo (99 Yorkville Ave)

When we got there, it was basically something out of a Parisian inspired influence. To be honest, I was quite surprised we have something like this here in the city...but all the more to love it even more!

Let me tell you something : This is my official hangout place as it is like a woman's version of a gentleman's club. J'adore, J'adore!
Trop stupéfiant pour les mots, haha

The menu suffices enough and of course we couldn't help but notice that close to 90% of the menu includes chocolat in them...and of course brought this place into an almost blissful, if not, more interesting than ever. I smiled at the one item where its spring rolls, but inside them is filled with chocolat...mmm...

We finally decided on some chips and dip, which tasted very good. The main attraction however, was the s'mores! The fact that it mentioned that we would be doing this over a faux campfire drew our attention.

And soon enough, we find that what we thought was faux...turned out to be quite real... the whole process was enough to make us feel like kids a chic adults place.

I think another reason that MoRoCo's have such a chic environment is that its for when we looked around, all we saw were the gathering of girlfriends over Veuve Cliquot and laughing over dinner.

I loved it when the marshmallows turned golden brown so when you bite into it, it has a light crisp crunch.

My first attempt.... a sort of sloppy attempt I must admit, but a tasteful one all the more.

A lovely get together place and I'm so glad we picked this place. Of course the minute we picked up the cheque, Tiff went "Let's go get some macaroons! Let's go!"

Apparently when she was in Asia, she tasted upon macaroons and have been hooked ever since. Personally I've never tried, so then when we do get some, it shall be my first.

Came upon the chance to show Tiff my new place, and it was from there in one of the common living rooms, there was a foosball table... we went off rounds playing this. I'm not great but we were dying as we were going at it sooo seriously! :) Très amusement.

While we were passing by my campus, there was an event going on. Curious as we were, we walked closer to observe. There were balloons everywhere. A girl came up to me and gave me a carnation, which I thanked and thought was nice. I liked how the escaped balloons looked like up in the air... wishes and thoughts being carried up with them as they go far far away.

I must say, I'm so proud of my université. It's gorgeous at this time and just walking around brings a sense of peace and for me if I walk around reflecting at problems or stressing out about something, I found that it slowly released it as I continued to walk and admire the scenery. God bless my Université de Toronto.

So on the search for macaroons, we went to Pusateri's to get some. Apparently my friend was saying how the ones in Tokyo are way better... we went back to her place at 1 King West at the lobby to give it a be honest, it could have been better, however the chocolat part of it was the only thing that was okay enough.

It was then that she took me to the "Secret Garden" located at 1KW... so we came upon it , where they had the forest-like gathering of a scenery...I liked how they had fake clouds to go along with it.

Then shortly after we decided to go up the 49th floor....where the Penthouse is. I honestly didn't know what to expect...but obviously the view of the city must look simply amazing.

I was quite right... it was stunning to see the skyscrapers at this level..not to mention the rest of the scenery.

I want to live here...I think its settled that within the next year or two... make it all "moi"- a dash of inspiration of Stam's (as in Jessica Stam) home decor as seen in Elle Decor, and I'll put a nice leather couch near the window where the elevators are, and host grand ol' parties, and
put a grand piano near the balcony and...

As we head off to dinner, we went to Richtree... of course! One of the most spotted places where you'll find us, after MoRoCo obviously...haha

And that's all for now, bisous!!


  1. Wow, fantastic as ever.

  2. ahh ♥
    we must find more of these places in the city..though I have the feeling there might not be another lol
    wow I love that pic you posted of me! hahah my red heels really stand out

  3. We should most know us, we have the connections and the people to find the way.. haha and yeah haha like a chic modern lagerfeld version of dorothy's red shoes in Oz!! :)


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