Friday, January 22, 2010

This city and its little treasures- v.1

Do we not all agree to call rapid thought and noble impulse by the name of inspiration?
George Eliot

There is truth in the notion that just when you think you've seen it all, a whole new door opens and leaves you a bit reawakened.

Well that's what happened yesterday night as I greeted my friend Sufia, who arrived back from her Europe trip.

As we got together for dinner, we headed to a place where it was inevitable to grab comfort food- Futures. Suffice to say, our dinner was literally all carbs, but at this point, who seemed to care about such things when there's the love of perogies, mashed potatoes, wings, fries and pasta salad?
It was there that we caught up on each other's life and it felt great... it was those sort of conversations that was long overdue and the type that was just the embodiment of what life was about- collaboration of great company and the instant excitement and bliss of what was going on in our lives.

We then decided to explore our love for the Annex, and as we went further down Bloor Street, it was then I found out the amazing areas waiting in store.

We arrived at Markham St, where my friend remarked about how there's all these little interesting restaurants and shops. Never the one to turn down such opportunities, I then ventured forth.

As we walked down, I found this delightful shop called Coal Miner's Daughter (587 Markham Street) that greeted my eye, and like little girls that we are, we half-skipped, half-ran towards the door.

As we entered inside, we were embraced with interesting light tunes and a room where it literally seemed like something I would construct out of my head.

As we wondered through, glancing at the clothes and accessories, I found a particular one which really caught my eye: beautiful headband accessories with MAJOR floral patterns on top! Of course I couldn't help myself but to try on each one and on top of that, tried the ones with beautiful feathers...who doesn't love feathers and floral!

What a great way to reuse old tapes, but to turn them into coin purses! I picked one up and on one of the tapes, was a Mike Jagger. It was too ingenious.

Great vintage-inspired dresses were at bay, and as I headed towards the jewelry display, I found out from one of the owners of this store (who was super nice) informed me that this store welcomes a collaboration of all designers from everywhere. With the necklaces (which there was a line of them that she had actually made) there were designers everywhere from Halifax to Winnipeg.

Personally I thought it was more than amazing how here was an example of a great community coming together and for me, this is why I love doing what I do- to really reach out and touch this city in a way that I can attempt to bring out the inspiration and extraordinary within.

I shall most definitely return to this magical store. I didn't think that we would have such stores like this in the city, but it has surged my love more for Toronto.

Even as you step back out, the atmosphere around this street is nothing short of fantastical.

I have a fond love of old houses and interesting architecture. It was here that I found my eyes wide with wonder at the collaboration of unique houses. As we went across the street, we found more stores and as we stopped to glance at one, my friend instantly jumped and exclaimed that there was an old typewriter in store.
You must know that there is nothing more that I would love than to get my hands on an old typewriter. I need to go find the perfect one and it is from there, I think my days would be just a wee bit brighter.
Of course, the inevitable lights and display of Honest Ed's were abound.
Even better, we passed by this small alleyway between the store that were strung with lights all the way down. We then strolled onwards, and it was there that they had such interesting old-world signs that were really amusing to read out loud.

Shortly afterwards, a dash to grab hot chocolate and a mocha at Aroma was in session. It was there that in between chats, as I looked out the window seeing people, predominantly students, walking by, I couldn't help feel that there is nowhere else I would rather be but here. I mean, I keep writing how I love the St. Lawrence and all its grandeur, but now there's another little love.

And that's all for now, ciao!



  1. hello!

    just wanted to ask you where your lovely profile picture is from? is it your own? because its so pretty!


  2. It is her own! That was an amazing night and I'm so glad I was able to share it with you, my partner in crime, my fellow little daydreamer! We must go make a new venture soon. P.S. The Bier Markt is hiring...I shall apply!

  3. Ahhhhh sufia a million hearts for you my dear friend, and yay for the Bier Markt!!! I know we shall have many more ravine walks to nowhere and more discoveries of our city <3

  4. Ah! Lovely blog! Thank you for sharing it with me! I'm a fellow Torontonian as well! Lovely!

  5. Delightful, really enchanting. I think this has just become my top blog of the month (partially because of the Chopin)...

    love from an awe-inspired Matty xxxx

  6. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello. I absolutely love your blog!

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  8. Happy 2010! I just stumbled upon your virtual chronicle and absolutely love your world view.

    If you get a chance, swing by and say hello. I would love to hear about all your wants, musings, and distractions. Thank you darling and wonderful blog, I will be back regularly.

  9. Thanks for taking us on my magical walk with you... So many treasures around you!

    And thanks for the music by Debussy, my favorite composer.

  10. First time to your blog and I love it! Thank you for visiting mine, as I am now following you.

    I know one of the owners of the Coal Miner's Daughter. She is from my home town and very nice.

    Also, I agree with you about the typewriter. I found one on the street being thrown away and I squealed in delight. Perfect condition, still working. So I get your want of one!

    Great blog fellow Torontonian!

  11. What a darling little store! I wish I had something like that where I live..

  12. Thank you so much all of you!! I always feel a jolt of happiness hearing your thoughts!!! You guys really make my day/night!
    @ Kato and @ Cookie- that's really interesting how we have such a small world! haha And yeah, it's just recently that i've had this surge to really give back to this city, to really show what we've got, I mean you hear about for New York and Paris, but this time around, its always nice to boost it up for our own city :)

  13. Hi! Thanks so much for commenting on my blog, i really appreciate it! :D

    Oh my goodness, that shop looks so amazing!! I think I want to live there, it's incredible! :D

  14. It's adventures like these that make me wish I could shed my fear of Toronto. It probably comes from living in such a small town. You get lost in your little cave of a world, and when you venture out into the big cities, you put up barriers. It's the city! City = scary. Or so has been my mentality. But your story showed me a softer side of Toronto (I now really want to go find that shop!), so hopefully, I'll soon be less afraid of the city.


  15. @ MissKellie- haha I know its super nice, I'm dead serious on dropping by the next time and purchasing this amazing necklace the owner had actually designed with gems. @ Krissy- you shall overcome it! And I will help you! And I'm really touched that your found it that way, lot's of love!

  16. These photos are so gorgeous! I just love how you told a story through them!

  17. I love this, you should definitely be a writer, publishers should take notice of you, looove your blog!

  18. Thank you very much @ Emma, Anon and Leproust, you guys are my little pieces of sunshine :)


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