Monday, January 11, 2010

Ode to Literature

Life is like a library owned by the author.
In it are a few books which he wrote himself,
but most of them were written for him.
Harry Emerson Fosdick

Bonjour all!

Never the one to miss a chance to pick up a good read, I know that being a bookworm, it means searching for books that can really be riveting and leaving you hanging in thoughts about it long after you've put it down.

Speaking of which, these are early days and there are longer days ahead for such a project, but lately, I've been itching to start writing, collecting all these thoughts I have written down on my journals, waiting for these thoughts to turn into action. I've gathered an idea for what to write on, and who knows (early days!) i would hopefully wish to get it published maybe...? haha, now that would be my dream if that ever happens!
It's called "Memories of an Evening" and it intertwines in capturing the stories of certain characters and their lives owing up to either a tragic event or something riveting and inspiring as first-struck love, in which its conclusions and endings all fall symbolically under the depths of Evening.
Right now, i just have certain essence of what these characters are shaping into and the bigger picture of their lives.
I was thinking probably once in a while upon completion, I would then extract it to here and ask for thoughts on it. It would be a great support. I'm very much excited for this, an eagerness that I have not felt for quite sometime.
Personally, I am very much a book collector. Sometimes being in my favorite bookshop, there's so many to choose from, let alone great authors and poets, I feel I want to grab them by the handful. I've been quite picky in terms of what I prefer, such as wanting titles to be hardcover or rare/first editions, if possible.
Also, I never leave home without a book in my hand. Go through all of my bags and you'll bound to see either : a Moleskine/ notebook I jot my thoughts in as well as writings, and a book.
Lately I've been reading some interesting reads, so here are some I would like to share with you.
Currently, I'm reading "Art As Experience" by John Dewey for my Issues in Aesthetics class. I didn't think much about this book, but given that I had to pick it up, I glanced through its pages, read a couple of chapters and I was really taken away.
Some interesting lines I've found had an impact:

"In order to understand the meaning of artistic products, we have to forget them of a time, to turn aside from them and have recourse to the ordinary forces and conditions of experience that we do not usually regard as esthetic."

"In order to understand the esthetic in its ultimate and approved forms, one must begin with it in the raw; in the events and scenes that hold the attentive eye and ear of man, arousing his interest and affording him enjoyment as he looks and listens: the sights that hold the crowd; the fire-engine rushing by..."

"Ultimately there are but two philosophies. One of them accepts life and experience in all its uncertainty, mystery, doubt, and half-knowledge and turns that experience upon itself to deepen and intensify its own qualities- to imagination and art."

Bright Star- The Complete Poems & Selected Letters of John Keats, was my first book I purchased in 2010. I shall never forget that. I am in a complete Keatsian phase where truth is beauty becomes valid in my reawakening of how I view life now where poets, writers, and others have come before us and spoke of such aspects during Romanticism.

Sometimes I would drift off , ravine walks to nowhere, alongside beautiful music as Ludovico Einaudi or Arvo Pärt, especially his Für Alina.

Für Alina struck a chord with me somehow. As I dug a bit into the story behind such a beautiful simple piece, it turns out that this piece was dedicated to a family friend's daughter who set out to study in London. Within its piece, there was a rendering of the feeling that one was off to explore the world.
I played this piece over and over again, the first time brought slight tears to my eyes in a bit of sadness for recollecting memories in my head. The second time came to a conclusion that this piece was to be what i call my "centrepiece" that I would listen to when I start writing.

There are some books that in one's lifetime, leaves you spellbound. This was one of them. It's incredibly cinematic, very provoking and deep. I could not put this book down.
There was an instance where taking the train, I arrived at the beginning of the "U" that is the main train line, and I began to read it. The next time I looked up, I was on the other side of the "U".

And that's all for now, ciao!



  1. Great post, we book lovers are obsessed aren't we? I love the image of the book on top of the sleeping girl. That so sums it up. Where's the first image from? It's so beautiful!
    Good luck writing, I know how hard it is, but you're already there. Can't wait to read it!

  2. what do you mean you went from one side of the U to the other? you went from Finch to Downsview without realizing? :O lol

  3. Hello!
    On the subject of poetry, I think it's strange how you have to red a good bit of it to like it and appreciate it. In grade 8 we had to write a biography on a poet, and as I had never been interested in poetry, I picked Emily Dickinson at random. At first I just thought 'bah, more meaningless, overly sentimental poetry', but then I don't know what happened. I started liking her poems, and now whenever I think of spring I think of Emily Dickinson too.

  4. @ Tiffany...yes Tiff I actually went from Finch to Downsview, and when I looked up, I was "what's happening..." hahah.
    @ Katherine... yeah that's like the same with me on John Keats and's like the two can never be put apart :)

  5. Anyway, I'm assuming 'the project' that you asked about on my blog is the story you're thinking of writing.I think it's a wonderful idea, and that if that's the kind of story that you love, you should most definitely go ahead with it, because no one can write it for you! However, I think you should really think about the way that all the characters come together. There are so many ways it could happen! They could all be waiting at the same metro station, or going to see the same movie (okay maybe that's kind of lame), or living on the same street (like, either they all slowly move there throughout the story, or they all lived there in the first place but you just never revealed it) or maybe even in the same apartment building!

  6. Good god I might as well have e-mailed you. But what I'm getting at is that you don't have to make it something expected, like a car/plane/train crash. Falling in love is always okay, though :)

  7. loooving the whole soft elegance of this post and your blog in geeneral, the music just adds to the decor soo beautfully!

  8. @ Katherine, honestly this is great!! Yeah i definitely know where you're coming at, in that it's not something obvious like a train crash, etc, right now im just in the midst of coming together with what sort of characters im going to build on, and then start from there, but seriously,big thanks for your input, seriously! <3
    @ Dannie, thank you so much!!

  9. your blog is lovely and this song always makes me so emotional!

  10. Anytime. Actually, if you'd ever like to talk or just think 'out loud' about any of your characters or plot points, I'd love to listen (well, read) and help. And perhaps we could talk about a little idea I have in my head, too, though of course we don't have to. But I'd really like to hear all about it, if you don't consider it too private. If you ever feel like it, e-mail me;

  11. You have such a cute blog!^^
    I love it!

    Grtz Valentine x

  12. Great idea! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts and pages of your book!

    here's to chasing dreams....

  13. I am curious about upcoming posts from you. You have an inspiring page

  14. @Nathalie @ Simply Mel @ Valentine @ Stephanie @ Katherine... wow im just really loving all you guys right now haha seriously im so very touched, this is like the flame that will keep me going, knowing I have great gals like you to cheer me on, thanks you guys!!!

  15. You have such a beautiful blog, and it's fabulous to have people like you in the world; people who love and understand the joys and beauty within the crisp pages of a book. Not to mention, you're a great poet. :]

    a little yellow button.

  16. awesome blog hon,
    thank you for yoru comment!

  17. Hello, darling. I have been having a look at your blog and I can tell you I think it is wonderful! I think the idea of sharing your words with us is amazing and you definitely have an avid reader in me!
    Thanks a lot for coming to my blog and good luck in your new writing project,

  18. great post!
    i'm having a hard time which book have i to read first.
    i love the music. it's make me feel alive again.

  19. What a gorgeous blog you have! It's so meditative just to read your entries and look at the photos. As a fellow book-lover, I can't wait to read more.

  20. @ a little yellow, @ daisychain, @Isquisofrenia, @ Catanya @ mom&son @ emma wallace.... honestly you guys are such amazing people, im so very touched and I will continue to push to inspire me to keep seeing life the way i do. thanks so much.

  21. Oh goodness, I'm like a kid at Christmas going through book stores. I discovered the most MASSIVE one yesterday (highlight of my entire week!) and it was so amazing. I spent hours and could have spent many, many more in there. I actually picked up The Piano Teacher while I was there. :) I'd been seeing it on the bookshelves for awhile and it sounded quite lovely, so I thought I'd give it a chance on a whim. Usually I'm a little weary of the 'bestsellers' at the fronts of book stores. I'm not sure why. It's a strange paranoia I have. haha. But now hearing that it comes so highly recommended by at least one person, I'm all the more excited to read it!

    Anyhow, I've babbled a bit on you here. I quite like your blog, so I'll be back again. :D


  22. I think this is a fantastic idea, and I would absolutely love to read extracts from your must post them once they're written! I'm going to write a book, although I won't start until the summer...but I think writing is so important, it helps you to capture the beauty of life :) xxx

  23. What a great post and you selected beautiful images as well...I would absolutely love to read more from you...

    Have a great weekend, cheers: Evi

  24. @ Krissy, @ Victoria @ Miss Eve... thank YOu. Makes my day so much brighter :)

  25. Good luck with your book project. The most important thing is to spend time writing ;)
    It's to easy not to do it. Instead of baking that cake, watching that film, write!


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