Friday, January 15, 2010

Preface of "Memories of an Evening"

I have spread my dreams beneath your feet. Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.
-W.B. Yeats

Hello all!

Alright so this is just a blip, more of a preface to how Memories of an Evening would unfold. Of course, I welcome all thoughts!

This small project of mine has become my little love. I hope you enjoy it as much as I took to time to write it. I will continue to post some extracts from it whenever I can. :)


A day can split into hours, hours succumb into minutes, and minutes cradling seconds.

When day turns into night, a new element slips through.

The sky an open canvas, where deliberate and lingering sweeps of colours in dark undertones orchestrates its endless song; it is where it captures the world in a new light as it slowly spins away.

The sun begins to drown, the ground like the ocean, waits patiently as it swallows it whole and through this course, it is where life whispers out its endings or beginnings.

It unravels; streams forward, pushes out its blinding light and just as suddenly, fades into nothingness just before the stars opens its eyes.

Through this dimension we experience something unexplainable.

Words, thoughts and emotions begin to etch upon the shores of time.

And through it all we realize:

These are the grand hopes, the undying love, and the endless gulf of happiness as beautiful as a summer’s day and can be as small as the most delicate bud of a tree.

These are the lost dreams, the dying dreams; dreams that soar into the very clutches of the heart, the ones we take until the day we eternally shut our eyes.

These are memories of an evening.



  1. I'm very touched to hear you say that, thank you :)

  2. this is sobeautiful, i do love these words... you make my evening, really...

  3. @ une petite- merci cherie! and @ emma, im so very touched, thanks you guys! I've been trekking through it all, writing writing and writing, honestly when i have a burst of idea, even in the train, i have that jane austen moment where i take out my notebook and sit and jot it down (for those who have seen Becoming Jane will get what i mean by that, haha)...once again, Thank You guys!!

  4. i am in love with you blog! thank you so much for you comment! it made my day. your poem is amazing.

  5. great blog :)
    great photos :)
    thank you for the comment.


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