Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stares and love affairs

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. " -Eleanor Roosevelt

Hello luves!
Things has happened since the last time I wrote something so here goes.
The weekend is here, and I plan to make do of my time. The weather isn't cooperating which is a big downer, considering the fact that it is indeed July and it feels like early fall! Depressing? Oui.

The last week or so, I went to this great place called Canoe, which has absolute stunning view from the 51st floor of the city. Spectacular.

It felt good, chatting with my friend and hearing good music in the background. As much as there has been many episodes involving friends dealing with dramatic cases and a whirlwind of whatnots, its good to take some time off and just de-clutter yourself.

You can't really see it at a good view but while I was looking out at this view, the sailboats looked so intriguing, sailing away at a snail's pace, drifting along... when it grouped together it looked as though they were a group of settled birds, haha.

Came with several others for dinner. We had an amazing corner to which you can see everything on both sides.

The fact that the CN Tower was directly in front where we were was very nice indeed.

The atmosphere was exactly how I liked it, it was not great surprise that there was a chicer crowd, what with couples or friends dining the sound of glass tinkling and conversations eluding throughout.

As the sun was setting, you can begin to see how that had a wondrous effect on the the buildings below. It was lovely to see the wide expanse of how great the stretch of the world can be. I could just imagine if there was ever a condo, whose  room with such a view as this would take a toll on my heart, haha.

And so, night fell. I grew tired, and retired back to my place.  More on this week later on.

That's all for now! Ciao!

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