Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What's left, after the gold dust fades...

Musique: Tori Amos- A Sorta Fairytale

There are two types of people--those who come into a room and say, 'Well, here I am!' and those who come in and say, 'Ah, there you are.'
Frederick L Collins

Bonjour loves!

Every so often, I would take a trip to my favorite bookstore on the St. Lawrence, which is Nicholas Hoare and that day I couldn't help wanting to purchase a hundred different books ( as usual to no one's surprise that day ).

I was with my friends Geoffrey and Tiff to go along to spend out day out in the great weather that day. I love picking out particular favorites and from there sit on one of the couches near the fireplace. I love how they have those ladders against the shelves. I made my friend read The Velveteen Rabbit- a childhood precious story to which she never even read it! Everyone should read this story before they die, its that good.

They had great selection of music in the background- from Mozart, to the Flower Duet from Lakmé.

Shortly afterwards, we literally went from one bookstore... into the other! Only because I meant to pay a visit to all unique bookstores in the city (adding the fact that yes, I am a big bookworm and not afraid to admit it! I'm proud!) But this time it was on Bay St. and it is called Ben McNally.
The interior was nice enough, a black couch here and there. Overall it was not so bad, so I might pay more future visits there.

Yesterday, I did meet with my friend Paris, whom I knew back in the day when I was working for a higher end fashion company, and it felt great catching up. We went around Yorkville and to Holt Renfrew, grabbing some Starbucks. I'm so happy for her as she's having her own fashion line out, which is pretty neat.

Apart from slaving away at school studying Fine Arts History and Political Science, I'm excited as being newly chosen for the position of Layout Editor for VIVE magazine for the upcoming school year.
Looking forward to it. Busy busy, not just trying to add more extracurricular activities (like Pre-Law society) while doing undergrad studies, I really honestly think this is my last summer where I have the absolute freedom and relaxation. Not ready to let that go just yet.

Films- Can't wait to see: An Education

I came upon the trailer while I was wondering around YouTube and took a delight as I started to read the summary for this film.

In the post-war, pre-Beatles London suburbs, a bright schoolgirl is torn between studying for a place at Oxford and the more exciting alternative offered to her by a charismatic older man.

It stars Peter Sarsgaard, Carey Mulligan, Alfred Molina, Dominic Cooper, Rosamund Pike, and Emma Thompson.

I am itching to watch this. Apart from 500 Days of Summer, this is one of those films which I know will drive me nuts with love as a part of this film has bits which reflects some parts of my life. Its smart, its fun, and it really makes me wish I could go back in time to live in that era, the golden years. I really do think I was born in the wrong era.

When things seemed carefree enough, or it wasn't as fast-paced nor technology driven. Where evenings out did not mean going to a club, but dancing in a ballroom with a big band, and a stunning-looking singer. Where men were men, dressed handsomely enough with suitable manners, the gentleman. Call me old-fashioned, but it seems that there's very few of them nowadays and its a dear shame. What happened to grace, elegance and grand times? Dressing good doesn't mean you have to hitch up your dress by three inches and reveal all of your cleavage. Less is more. Always.

I feel happy and feel lucky for those who have their love of their lives and can find that Great Feeling. I guess I've yet to encounter mine. I mean, I'm pretty happy being single and liberated and all that jazz, but once in a while I can't help but wonder how there are times where it's great to share things with that someone. No wonder I'm starting to get so drawn to those sappy heartfelt stories, lord oh lord.

On a whole other note!
Looking at: Ballet

Since I was young, I have been a fan of Ballet, alongside Opera and watching symphonies. I was looking at the site of The National Ballet of Canada, and I'm a big supporter for them.

(Edgar Degas, Ballet Rehearsal, 1873)

Ballet is always timeless. I can't wait to see Sleeping Beauty which takes place in the fall season. I would like to catch a show, that and to see under the Opera category, Madama Butterfly, or even Carmen.

And on that note, that's all for now! Ciao!


  1. Wow great as always, fantastic, i love this post!

  2. a dash of elegance and a splash of brillance is what makes you an amazing role model. love your admirer. xoxoxxo.(p.s. it's your sis,Jen)


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