Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Chairman's Waltz

When I opened my eyes on the first day of February, I thought of a few things.
One of them was the fact that we are one step closer to the promise of warmer weather- as welcoming as it was in December, right now it feels more of a long-drawn affair to which one side already lost the early days of romance.
As February seem to be a month where the concept of love and light renewal is in full bloom, the past few days I've dedicated myself to a few things on some things I love!

I spent this past Friday with a girlfriend treating ourselves to two things: perfume and and a book. I'm very much a perfume lover, collecting all of my perfume bottles over the years which includes my very first Dior (Miss Dior Cherie), Chanel's "Coco Mademoiselle", Chanel's "Chance", Dolce and Gabbana's "The One", Vera Wang's "Glam Princess", to Bvlgari's "Voile de Jasmin".
Currently I am loving Twirl by Kate Spade- I thought the ad for Twirl by Kate Spade was very fun and elegant as well.
This perfume is described as "perfect cocktail for summer afternoon or evening party in the city"- perfect!

Shortly after, I dropped by the nearest bookstore and was browsing around some titles until I found the hardcover edition of The Wedding Girl. I have always loved Sophie Kinsella's works and so definitely took the chance to pick this one up. To be honest, I've always loved British Chick Lit over other Chick Lits- there's such a different sense of humor and taste which is distinct.

Apart from Hello Kitty (i'll never stop loving it- in fact, I even had the lipgloss from Hello Kitty by Sephora, before it hit the shelves!) I have a soft spot for Rilakkuma! I swear, I will be in so much trouble when I go to Japan- the things I love and want are pretty much close to endless.

This work is one of my paintings that I've done while listening to jazz music on the record player on a lazy weekend.
This work is named "So Bright and So Delicate"- it was inspired by the works of John Keats, especially "Bright Star"- it is of the imagined landscape one feels they are lost in within the the emotional capsule of love and lost. Like the mind, the trees are powerful memories which unlock nostalgia, and the landscape is imperfect- caresses of shadows appear. The ground like the subconscious, does not have a structural foothold- it can unravel at any given moment.

Lately, I have been dedicating my time in the morning to my novel, writing as much as my mind permits and found that devotion to things you love in the mornings usher out a quiet peace unlike anything else.

I have probably watched this more than a couple of times, but I found myself drawn to it once in a while and every time it would just literally make me melt- the score, the cinematography and the story captures me in a way that leaves me feeling how wonderful it is to be able to feel what we feel when we watch a film or read a book.
Love portrayed in this film is timeless.

One of my favorite quotes from Memoirs of a Geisha is when the Chairman said to the young Sayuri: "None of us find as much kindness in this life, as we should."
For some reason, that particular scene always gets me welled up with tears- in a sense, the Chairman reminds me of the gentlemen I have met in my life.
We are touched to think of all the great moments that have made us who we are, and are grateful for the individuals who have left a tremendous mark in our lives.

Joie de vivre,


Note: images via weheartit


  1. Another beautiful post! I agree with you completely about Winter....I need a bit of Spring sunshine on my face, and some birdsong in the air.

    I LOVE your painting. So beautiful. The shades of greens and purples are phenomenal. Amazing!


  2. I feel quite different after reading this post than I did before I read it, but I feel amazed, serene, and thoughtful.

    I think it's wonderful that you take pleasure in so many things in this world, especially when there are millions of things to distract one from its beauty. :)


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