Monday, January 31, 2011

Nightbook Nostalgia

Hello all,

Here is a piece that I have written lately and would love to share with you all.

Nightbook Nostalgia

So I long for your world down below.
You pray to see your graceful leap
into the night, upon your wings
While I'm alone again.

All this time, through your truths
It whispers your dark insincerities
As the stars pull away, I cannot seem to hold you back
I draw near your voice, it breaks me down so carefully.

Lines that form perpendicular catastrophes
The forbidden fruit gives off it's sweet and tragic wonder
Too long have men strived to hold in their hands what was never there.
The canvas stands like a lonely soldier, waiting for a kind heart to bleed along the corners.
Words of a thousand years kept me wide awake, sleep is thus another scholars' portal.

I long to dream again.

An afterword: Nightbook Nostalgia was inspired by Ludovico Einaudi's beautiful piano piece called "Nightbook". In a sense, I've become so enraptured with this piece that I listened to it often on repeat of different versions to this piece: the orchestral version, then the piano solo and the live edition when he played at the Royal Albert Concert Hall which took place in London earlier this year.
For the concept of the word "Nostalgia" that appeared after the word Nightbook, I have always been fascinated by that Greek, it means "the pain from an old wound". Nostalgia is thus a twinge in your heart that is far more powerful than one's memory can ever provoke, and for me that was simply how I felt in conjuring up a multitude of memories when I wrote this piece.

Joie de vivre,


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  1. I love Ludovico Einaudi's work myself. His pieces are so emotion-filled and captivating.

    The poetry is lovely. Your words paint a beautiful picture. :)

    And your layout photo looks great!


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