Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Sudden Manhattan Of The Mind

Hello all!

My goodness how time flies.
Often in the mornings when I see strays of light come pouring in from between the curtains, I realize how powerful the glow of light can be as it streaks on the edges of ceilings, corners behind the doorway, provides a ethereal spotlight on the drawings, postcards and paintings I would hang on the walls.

Walking into the brisk cold air, I find a sense of slow release, watching my breath sail away when I exhale, the tops of trees bare yet unashamed of it's nakedness to the world.
When I get the chance to walk, whether it be surrounded by the buzzing in the city, or a quiet stroll to the mailbox, I find myself reflecting on little orbs of everyday inspiration that illuminates life.
Here are some things that I've come to love these pasts few weeks:
I had a very fortunate opportunity to meet Tom Rachman, author of "The Imperfectionists", one of my favorite books I've read, this past Thursday. Rachman being a fellow U of T alumni, it was great to see those who have come before us, and gone off to accomplish extraordinary things.
Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B, is actually going to adapt this novel into a film, which I cannot wait to see the final product.

When I asked him thoughts about the film, and if there was any certain actors he had ever thought would play his characters, he says it differs from the image of the characters he had come up with, but will be excited to see how it would turn out. Towards the end I told him my aspiration with my book and the challenges I would often face. He gave me words of encouragement and ended up writing a lovely message:

The February 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar featuring Nicole Kidman on the cover:

These editorials are simply wonderful and it was so delightful to find her on the cover. I love the whole summer garden feel and she looks absolutely beautiful. I have always admired how strong her roles are in films that illustrate her as a true actress, and she is simply golden.

I have watched her latest film, "Rabbit Hole" and it is truly a powerful film, having to deal with the theme of the aftermath of losing one's child. It is definitely a dark issue, but there is a sense of cope and faith and strength in the human heart that leaves you assured.

Erin Fetherston's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection:
As always, Erin never fails in delivering the feminine elegance that all her designs aspire and succeeds in portraying.

Love Scarlett Johansson's Mo√ęt & Chandon photo shoot:

I am in love with this music video. It's Taylor Swift's "Back to December" and the scene where she's in a white interior of a house, captures a simplistic loveliness-especially where she's in her room, and snow is carefully descending on her shoulder, on the white fireplace with the old books- I loved it. Also I can definitely relate to this song, as I too have let go of my first love long ago... I wish I knew what I know now.

I'm having wonderful time so far studying Fashion and Textiles at the Royal Ontario Museum. To be able to look upon actual artifacts acquired by the museum and being able to write about certain costumes and textile pieces is amusing!

Certain scenarios that always haunts my mind:
One of them would be how I would walk into a breathtaking place of splendor, rich in art and history that spills from all four corners of a room. I would then walk further into the room and find a gentleman working on a task or preoccupied, always with his back facing me.
I would then feel my heart churning as I would imagine he would be the missing fragment that I have been looking for all my life. Finally, his face would slowly turn to look at me, and I would picture faces that have melted my heart all these years, whether it would be an actor, a writer, or someone I know in my life, or better yet, a face I have conjured up in my mind. But always the straight and solid back greeting my view and then that significant slow turn.

Another would be that I would walk along the seaside. It would be one of those summer day's that fill you up with the highest trust of beauty life could portray. The warm wind tousling my hair, rippling my turquoise dress. I gaze outwards as far as I could see along the stretch of water to the distant line the meets the sea with sky. A rush of contentment and release would reach deep into the caverns of my heart, and I am complete.

Joie de vivre,


-Note: images are from weheartit


  1. You never fail to deliver a wonderful post. I love the pictures you post and it is always neat to hear about what you have been up to/ writing about/ thinking about.

    I hope the New Year has been treating you well!

  2. I love how this post contains a little bit of everything that inspires you!
    Nicole is just stunning in the Bazaar...I can't get enough of her!

    Hope your weekend was wonderful!
    xo, Strawberry Moth

  3. Positively beautiful opening paragraphs. It's amazing, really, just how powerful light can be. It's not something I ever paid that close of attention to until I moved into the city; it was so plentiful out in the suburbs, but here, it's like it's limited and you only get a small amount allotted to you each day, so you cherish what little you get to yourself. Any morning I wake up and have sunshine pouring through my window is a good day, that's for sure.

    I adore Nicole Kidman! She was my first favourite actress when I finally really understood film and starting paying attention to it. Funnily enough, that was when Moulin Rouge came out... 10 years ago exactly! I'm very much looking forward to seeing Rabbit Hole.



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