Friday, October 29, 2010

The Wonder

Sometimes, we all like to think we have the best of everything.
But then comes the moments we long to have for and refuse to let go just yet.
I could barely make it to shore during the days when the storm seemed to thrash and send me away from where I needed to be.
Where the attempt to strike me into a thousand pieces and scatter them to all four corners of the world accomplished its cry to haunt me.
By then it felt that all of what was left was the remnants of yesterday's dream, lost and forgotten by the whispers that were said long ago.
How could I not see it coming, I failed to grasp the simple truth.

Then without a word, you came along, and held me against the wind.
With a steady gaze you slowly lifted me out from the recurring pattern I could not break out of.
The warmth and the acknowledgment on so many things, echoed between the words that were spoken.
It took me awhile to realize what it all meant, to be able to hold fast to something what was once thought it could not be reached.
The recurring thoughts that floated right through in the depths of Evening, how it circled and clouded my judgement.

But what immense light it brought, touching all forms of everything that I see.
Without even knowing, you revived me back to life, and I can never forget those moments, forever etched into the steadfast of time.
I hold these moments carefully in my hands, watching how it swirls and glimmers against the rays of light, and slowly press them to my heart.

Note: images via weheartit


  1. It might be a funny word to use, but I find this exciting. A lot of different emotions were aroused by this and it makes me think of several different meanings.

  2. that photo of the lighthouse is beautiful!


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