Saturday, October 16, 2010

When Dreams Border on Reality

All our dreams can come true...if we have the courage to pursue them.
-Walt Disney

Hello all!

My words on Dreams (as you will soon read up ahead), is an oldie but a goodie... it was previously posted as a guest post on A Wondering Star blog months ago but it is more currently updated in order to usher out the meaning this post has on me currently at the time.
For example, lately as I'm writing my book Memories of an Evening, it's becoming more and more of a possible reality that I might actually publish it.
I've been telling close friends how much it would mean the world to me if ever it becomes published, and I'll be wondering through a bookstore (my second home to me, it seems) and find a copy sitting right there...
I could honestly say that I would rest on a mountaintop of happiness and tears of joy.
Currently, I'm on a few chapters, and I have an estimate that it might be somewhat under 400 pages. Give or take!
I will try to post some excerpts of it in the near future- for now I currently have the "Prelude"- the preface of "Memories of an Evening" which you are free to read-as well as several other works that accompany this book, under the label "Memories of an Evening"
I sincerely welcome all feedback, as I love to hear what you have to say!

In addition, there are certain events this week that are coming my way which I'm super excited for!

LG Fashion Week (Toronto Fashion Week)

I'll be representing The Mike Publications, (being the Fashion writer there) as well as in a sense, representing U of T on the fashion forefront which is incredibly exciting.
I'll be taking pictures, doing some sketches on my Moleskine if possible, and updating you with future posts on how the week will turn out!
In my view, LG Fashion Week is a showcase of an immense talent of designers from Canada that ranges in stylistic views and pushes out the ability to innovate on a succeeding level- hence this year's theme "The Style of Power".
It's also uplifting to watch the Spring 2011 Collections. I love autumn, I really do, but looking at the Spring collections will keep me forward in the optimism after the cold.

And now I leave you on my words of Dreams.. may we all strive to be who we want to be, and never fail to persuade it.

Dreams... they are exactly a million pieces of the world we either wish we knew of, or experience, weaving an imaginative border of endless possibilities.
The question is: are we ready to take the plunge, or are we forever singing within our own bird cage?

The days within your life are yours to hold, and like leaves to a tree, they slip by you ever so swiftly. Dreams are veins within the branches, so set them alight.

Do not ever let anyone stop you in the way of seeking what your heart wishes. They are the ones who never quite understood the secret to Life.

At each point of our lives, we engage ourselves through certain "chapters" of dreams that we secretly aim for. From our childhood aims of going to the moon, to run faster than anybody else in the world, to be a hero- it would often come down to going around the world, run the marathon and win it for those battling leukemia around the world, to saving the one you love.
There is no difference... its only dreams that fell in love with the reality of our lives.

So go on, catch that long-forgotten dream... take it out of that glass jar, or from the stained pages of your journal, and breathe life into it. We are all that we can be- so long as we remember, our dreams will forever live within our minds and heart.

Joie de vivre,


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  1. hi joanne -- a big congrats on the book!!! :)

  2. What a moving post. I feel like I should read it over and over again. And congratulations. :) Hopefully you will get your book published!

    Oh, I've wanted to ask and I keep forgetting, but a little while back I read your post on Bright Star and I was wondering if I ought to read the book before I watched the movie?

  3. Excuse my extremely belated comment. I'm very behind in my reading. Tsk tsk, me. ;)

    Anyhow, beautiful post as always, my dear. The metaphor for being a bird singing within its own cage is quite eloquent and, to me, very poignant. Personally, I like to think I follow my dreams to a tee, but I'm definitely quite guilty of being that little bird singing to herself more often than not.

    In any case, I hope you won't follow my example, and that someday you will eventually be wandering the aisles of your favourite bookstore and find your very own novel right the among the shelves. I have faith you will; you're a beautiful writer. ♥

    On an unrelated note, one of the pictures you posted (the one with the girl floating in the air above the second girl) is by one of my favourite photographers: Bruno Dayan. Not sure if you're familiar with him, but his work is magical! Anyway, seeing that picture there made me smile.



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