Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Hello all,

I wrote this recently through a combinations emotions that I was going through, where words were really the comfort I needed, the embrace to let things go and let it lie. It was my form of escape, a reason for me to move on and just mould my writings where it can set me free, in a sense.


Written by Joanne Angelina

I really wished that it was you,
the one that would have pulled me through
the dark when all I've held was lost.
This love, it was never something that could be bought.

The help, I see it in your eyes,
your face buried in so much disguise.
I hear your inner voice calling out to me,
and you are everything that I wish to see.

I sense something deep within these waters,
The home I found in you, now gone and I'm left to wonder.
After realizing this subliminal end,
How sorry I was to think that we can begin again.

And here I stand, looking over the drifting landscape.
Chance brought me here, yet it becomes too much to take.
Like the sudden fall of glass on the winding floor,
Will the light fill in? I cannot be sure.

I sense the cold come creeping in,
Summer an awaking dream, I'll miss you so much as days grow dim.
Truth is I know I could have never been the one.
How it chocked me so, how it wrapped me so- Time whispers, " I seem to be wrong".

Joie de vivre,



  1. You've been something of an inspiration to me lately. This is a beautiful arrangement of words. Bittersweet and almost nostalgic. I hope writing has made you feel better.

    And thank you very much for leaving your sweet comment on my blog. You made me happy as can be. :)

    Hope all is, or becomes, well!

  2. that is so beautiful...have some of my poems stacked back somewhere....always expressed my feelings through that medium..amongst others..wonderful..time will heal..and let us cherish what we've got even more! xoxo


Thanks for brightening my day! Always love to hear what you have to say.


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