Saturday, November 14, 2009

You would not believe your eyes, if ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep

"He thought about himself, and the whole Earth,
Of Man the wonderful, and of the Stars,
And how the deuce they ever could have birth;
And then he thought of Earthquakes, and of Wars,
How many miles the Moon might have in girth,
Of Air-balloons, and of the many bars
To perfect Knowledge of the boundless Skies;
And then he thought of Donna Julia's eyes."
-Byron, Don Juan (1819), Canto 1, stanza 92

Bonjour all!

Well so far, my Fall Break has been very lovely indeed. I joined my friend down near the Esplanade to my favorite eatery called Bier Markt. It's a European-style restaurant in the city's original waterfront promenade. It features over 100 beers and a brasserie-inspired menu.

What I particularly enjoyed was the strawberry beer from Belgium known as Fruli. My friend tried some Austrian and German beer which he found to be over the top in his expectations.

Menu-wise, I ordered this lovely Wild Mushroom Soup, which the overall appearance was enjoyable (broth held within the teacup) and alongside that the Markt Poutine was utterly delicious and rich, which I accompanied with a nice Belgium beer known as Palm that was a perfect companion with the Markt Poutine.

Further along the weekend, today I was really glad to meet up with another close friend of mine, where we went down my treasured place here in this city, St. Lawrence. We instantly grabbed some hot apple cider at Second Cup, where we then head to my favorite bookstore Nicholas Hoare. Upon entering the bookstore, I was instantly gripped by the need to pull a book, to go up the ladders and reach out to a intriguing title. There was just too many titles I wanted to add to my personal library, and what felt like hours, I settled down on two:

Both immediately drew my attention. What I like to do is read the first few sentences within a book and if I become captivated, then instantly I know it would be towards my liking. Both satisfied this taste.

Afterwards, it was onwards to lounge at the Royal York Hotel. One of my favorite historic places to go in Toronto, it sweeps you back to a classic time where life seemed to be gracefully and elegantly dancing to the sounds of the Golden Age.
We explored its many different rooms, including its Imperial Room

The Library Bar is exquisite.

I'm actually quite glad we have such amazing architectural accomplishments as the Royal York.

Oftentimes on the upper level, where they have deep-seated old-styled chairs, it would be such a great atmosphere to curl up on a good read, or people-watching. Its just that from above, you look down at those coming and going... wondering where they'll head off to, what sort of life they are living.. its incredible the connectivity we are unconsciously part of.
The interesting moments is when you see flight attendants and their pilot wandering through, and you think about their travels they have gone through... in which I instantly feel the tug of travel in my heart.
Well the day fell into evening. It finally came upon dinner time, so my friend and I agreed upon dining at the Rosewater Supper Club.

I actually first dined here three years ago when my uncle and aunt took my cousins and I for a pre-Christmas celebration. It really was an enjoyable evening. The food was exquisite.

So my friend Tiff and I finally arrived at the Rosewater.

We dined down where the pillows were. What is great about the Rosewater is its invigorating atmosphere and music.
Dinner was fun, while my friend and I caught up and talked. I was actually relieved to see Rosewater quiet on this Saturday, where it usually is packed to the full.

The whole place is very lovely indeed. I'm quite glad I took the time to enjoy life as it is. Between school and at the office, one can ignore many of the things where it may aid you in De-stressing yourself. I'm glad this weekend turned out to be fun, hope yours was just at interesting!

And that's all for now, ciao!


  1. hey,
    thank you so much for dropping me a lovely line!
    I like your blog too, it is so magical :)
    Oh I have to go take a look at Guerlain's Idyllic then!!


  2. Oh wow, sounds like you had a beautiful weekend. Love your pictures.

    You are so gorgeous to leave me a note, lovely day to you.


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