Saturday, November 7, 2009

When all the other lights have gone out...

"I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. "- E.B. White

Bonjour all,

I still cannot believe that it's November already. There's so much things to do school-wise, it seems like never ends. Luckily a small fall break is arriving next week which will be put to good use.

However busy it may be, when I have a quiet moment to myself, certain inspirational things would come abound which brings an increase of goodness in my life.

While on the morning commute, listening to scores by Alexandre Desplat while reading a book, heading to the office whenever I'm working, brings a sort of inner peaceful quietness.

Already the holiday spirit's on. I know, its November, but already I have been sensing that small thrill. Whether I'm getting something at Starbucks, or the unraveling of the holiday display at Holt Renfrew down on Bloor... you feel that sense of blissful wonder is starting to creep in.
Not to mention that already I've been listening to North Pole Radio. Its endless magical tunes of holiday songs, featuring great artists like Billie Holiday and the Vince Guraldi Trio, brings a smoothness along your day. Another great fact about this radio (thanks to my friend Tiff), its location really is up North- another great legitimate reason to tune in.

Look who I found nestled in my BCBG MaxAzria tote! My most precious darling in the entire world! Mimi has a world of her own, and never ceases to amuse me. If I could, I would take her everywhere I go.

Speaking of which, I have collected some of my favorite things I'm really into at the moment as I have been getting emails asking about them, so I will be posting this category from time to time.

What's special about these notebooks, which is of interest, is that its usage of watermarked paper that brings about about its uniqueness. I came upon Semikolon when I walked into one of my favorite stationary store Essence Du Papier, and I couldn't help purchasing a couple of them to jot down my creative thoughts, from sketches to quotations.

Accompanying my Semikolons are my Sharpie's Ultra Fine Point.

Of course, literature is definitely one of my most favorite things. In terms of favorite bookstores, Nicholas Hoare down at St. Lawrence is my one stop to acquire books to my personal collection. I find that they have interesting editions of certain titles, and specialty ones you can't find anywhere else. Another one is my very own university, the University of Toronto's Bookstore, which on the upper level where the Great Hall is situated, pockets interesting finds.

Of course nowadays, who isn't technology-savvy, but I very much prefer the simplistic ways of carrying out certain things. This here is a Hermes Baby/Rocket typewriter, where it's designed in Switzerland. In discovering more interesting models and different accessories apart from this type, I would browse within My Typewriter that has certainly been a constant site I would often come back to.

A store which have brought about much interest to me lately is Anthropologie. From their clothes, to home decor, it embraces itself in how I would call it an "charming artistic elegance". It is actually the sister store to Urban Outfitters, but preferably, I find Anthropologie to suit me better. You can check out their store right here in Toronto at Yorkville.

I recently came upon this great read. It opens up on ways on how to lower your impact on the environment in a simple, everyday way. It really illustrates friendly and funny advice to help oneself to make significant differences in life - from creative recycling solutions to Eco-friendly travel tips. I know some of its helpful advice I have already began to acquire within my own home.

I cannot emphasize enough my devotion for The Big Bang Theory. Having both Season One and Season Two, it will bombard you with amazing humor alongside a great cast. Sheldon truly leaves me at a wonder. I'm always looking forward to the next episode every week.
And that is all for now, ciao!


  1. I love the E.B. White quote, it's so perfectly describes how I often feel. Typewriters have to be the best way to write, nothing beats them! And Sheldon is undeniably one of the best TV characters..EVER.

    I really like your blog a lot (: you write beautifully

  2. Bonjour! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comment. Your blog is wonderful. This post was great, love the notebooks - I'm always on the lookout for the perfect one! I will be back soon!

  3. Hi!
    Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
    I really like your blog :) it's so much fun to read what other people inspire. I'll be back later!

  4. I love that quote at the start, and your books are so lovely! You have a very inspiring blog!
    Miss Erinna

  5. @Bo , @ Miss Erinna: Thanks a bunch! :)

  6. I see we're on the same page. :)

    Happy Holiday season! Enjoy your Starbuck's, visits to Anthro. and fine point Sharpies. Love all those things sooo much


  7. Thank you for your blog comment =)
    Your blog is absolutely gorgeous and your photos are amazing. The one with the stack of pink books is my favorite. =]


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