Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Though the fields lay golden, something whispered, -"Snow."

I am a dead poet
That speaks without words,
That listens without sounds.
Speak to me and I will not hear,
For I am a dead poet that knows no bound.
Bonjour all!
It indeed has been busy these crazy ! Not to mention examinations is approaching me... hope I can come out by the 15th sane and alive!
The weather does seem to whisper rumors of the winter to come. Trees baring all to expose their stance during the harsh days of cold.

All the more to cozy up to hot apple cider and curl up beside a deep-seated couch by the fireplace at one of the colleges in my university. I shall try to take more beautiful pictures of it, it's really got the feel of Oxford and of course, Hogwarts.

A bit of delight:
Erin Fetherston and the short films she makes.
Zooey Deschanel.
Letters and postcards from abroad- hoping to do an exchange of fellow voyagers of the world if interested in sending thoughtful/lovely letters amongst one another! Anyone interested, let me know!

Have some of these around, these old fashioned tags and whatnots, think they're quite lovely
Sophia Coppola films
Fine art and art history
Fascination of the explorations and research of the Arctic
Ballerina flats
The color of gold and Bordeaux, as well as blue
Marc by Marc Jacobs
A-line dresses
Ribbons and bows
Lula Magazine,
Perfume and perfume bottles ( i collect the ones I've had)

Here is one of my favorite short films by Erin Fetherson I would like to share, its very fun and charming.
P.S. It's inspiration is actually from the Silly Symphony cartoons- even better.
That's all for now, ciao!


  1. Haha this is so adorableeee!
    I will most def come back to read moreeee.
    xoxo skg.


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