Thursday, August 27, 2009

To be raptured

Hans Zimmer- Chevaliers de Sangreal

"Take heed: you do not find what you do not seek." - English Proverb

Alas, it has been quite some time since I have updated. The past month have been quite busy, as life and family things have happened, but I will do my best to continue onwards and keep up as much as I can.
There are still some precious days left before the start of university life arrives once more upon my door. To be honest, I look forward to my fine arts history and political science courses more so than the mumble and jumble that I have been taking the last two years- from Sociology of Health to Astronomy, I am glad I can settle on two of my favourite subjects that will most certainly last a lifetime.

(my french friend actually wrote this to me...surprisingly I had know idea he knew Japanese that well and it literally shocked me to pieces)

Shot this near the Eaton Centre, where behind it, there's this old church and fountains... me and my friend Ioni and his friend Beau (Ioni is in the centre) we came across this labyrinth and literally we followed the took quite a while to reach the centre, as none of us cheated..but once we came to the centre, the sign told us that "the answer you were looking for is right here".

I approached it, and in fact, it did answer my question: That I would make it to the centre after all.

Had spend some time down at the Harbourfront..that night when i shot this of the CN Tower, at the Sirius stage they were playing 80's movie featuring a young Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie....I liked how they would show movies, so everyone was sitting on lawn chairs and relaxing within the nice summer evening. I shot this on a bridge with my friend and didnt' realize the railings were covered with spiders...I course I took great pains to not scream like a crazy person...but some yelps slipped.

Came back from the Harbourfront and decided to lounge at the Royal York Hotel...this has got to be one of my favourite hangouts in Toronto and there's a good reason for it... the sophisticated and historic atmosphere that it seems to surround itself in is very settling.

Last night, me and my french friend went to hang around near the Eglinton area and there we caught a film called Inglorious Basterds that's by Tarantino...and it was one of the best films i've seen so far this summer.

Great cinematography, very spaghetti-western meets World War Two. Diane Kruger was great in it as well as Melanie Laurent. To be honest, Melanie Laurent looks like a young Catherine Deneuve in this film.

In terms of books, my friend bought me the Angels and Demons books which I highly appreciated. See for me I get so cheered up when someone gets me books..I think its a great investment and its something that would be put to good use, seeing as I'm a big bookworm.
To be honest, I have always loved the Robert Langdon character..alongside with great characters like that of Sherlock Holme's wit and gives me a bit of inspiration in how they carry themselves and their interests. Excited about The Lost Symbol that's coming out in September.

Alright, that is all for now, ciao!

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