Friday, April 10, 2009

"We Must Change Life!"

Musique: Telepopmusik- Love Can Damage Your Health


"We must change life!" was the rallying cry of a group of young Parisian artists in the 1920's.
Rather than focusing on the material world, they explored realm of dreams and the unconscious. They unraveled what lies at the core of human existence- the irrational urges to love, to desire, and to destroy....

 I woke up today feeling rather a bit light-headed and with a smile on my face... truly i was able to get grand amounts of sleep, which puts me in high spirits, put on my blue satin robe and floated downstairs to help myself with Jasmine tea.. sat on the kitchen table for some brunch, read some Foreign Affairs, and then watched Funny Face....

Il y a quelque chose de fashion illustrators which i just love about, espeically leurs oeuvres d'art is another form of fashion art, it brings a more imaginative view, of one looking beyond then what's simply putting clothes on a model... its like looking through rose-colored  glasses... Of course there's Coco and darling Garance, but then there's Cassandra Rhodin of Sweden.... upon looking at her images, I was intensely amazed at her characters, the sombre allure it brings and how different it was from the more elegant uplifting sort of aspect. C'est juste si... fascinante...
   ....came across some films très intéressants à observer which includes Everlasting Moments, Up (i don't usually like animated films, but this one looks so adorable), Easy Virtue...

... and the french film  Faubourg 36 (also known in English as Paris 36). Faubourg 36 really draws me in the sense that not only does it capture  the whole '30's era, but Christophe Barratier whom he really beings the whole magical sphere within pre-World War Two Paris, where the Popular Front threatens to eliminate what used to be thriving vaudevilles and cabarets.... on another note, the wonderful original tunes by Reinhardt Wagner really elevates this romantic pastiche to this whole other level of cinema today...a real shame that many films of today no longer capture such élégance et sens anymore.
Alas, it seems that spring is playing on us coyly... first the city gets sprinkled with snow, then the grass turns green- want to start wearing my Marc Jacob flats and my '20's inspired summer dresses! ( which beings about even more of the observation that I am very much an old soul)
 I'm relieved from school... although exams are coming soon... then its all over and there'll be champagne picnics everyday *(which i know my friend would be really really fond of and wouldn't mind at all,  and that we can finally do it!)

That's all for now, bisous!

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