Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I was sleeping under artificial fireflies at twilight

Musique: The Submarines- 1940

Its slowly dawning on me the fact that time is running against me at this moment in time... the old saying "so much to do , so little time?" applies to me at the moment. Thus i run through my everyday life which consists of going to my classes in my université, finish fine arts history and political science papers...

And in between the most busiest times of my life this season, i read "The Historic Restaurants of Paris: A guide to century-old cafés, bistros and gourmet food shops" by Ellen Williams..... we need more of these types of old-world cafés- it would make the world a bit brighter- or that the city- at least. Note to self.. if all else fails, who knows,when all my other career aspirations fail, i just may want to open my very own café inspired by the Parisian influence. Plus, they're so great to kill time when I'm on the train... I adore The Little Bookroom books, i aspire to collect them all so i can display them in my glass bookshelf :)
So today when i was at campus, i was stopped by one of those student body council individuals and gave me this long talk about student governing ordeals... then as i departed, she exclaims " Hey, you look awfully familiar, have we met somewhere, i've seen your face before."
...she wouldn't be the first person to tell me that, and i've been getting that comment a lot lately too... people which i don't even know who they are who know me... strange just a wee bit.

As soon as i have free time, i am venturing back to the Royal York Hotel, the last time I went, it was with a friend and late at night, and that' s when i went inside its Library Room...i thought i died and went to book heaven ( lame i know, but très vrai) And the fact that it has four grand pianos that i've uncovered so far.... *bliss*

I know i've been drawn into and making lists with my bons amis for the summer, its only right i actually keep a copy for it myself...i'll add more along the way.
La Liste:
-explore and take photographs within all the historic hotels in the city
-explore the different art galleries within the city
- have champagne picnics, preferably near the park at the St. Lawrence- love that place, its like my little world within my world
-check off books that i wish to acquire- which means visiting Nicholas Hoare more often
-attend more Jazz festivals and events.. like the International Jazz Festival at the Beaches where i went last divine...
- find the perfect gelato/italian sodas place
- attempt to take the day pass and literally go and explore on every train stops
- attempt to complete those impressive 1000 puzzles on a lazy afternoon with my amiable companion
-parlour games to get involved with on restless nights
-try new/ perfect cafés

And that's all for now, bisous!

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