Saturday, April 25, 2009

My voice, a beacon in the night. My words will be your light. To carry you to me.

Musique: Meiko- Reasons To Love You

“Under a blazing mid-afternoon summer sky, we see the Seine flooded with sunshine . . . people are strolling, others are sitting or stretched out lazily on the bluish grass.” - Georges Seurat (French Impressionist and Pointillist Painter)

(George Condo, Intersection, 2007, Oil and Collage on Canvas)

I think it is safe to say at this point in time, that the worst is over, (as I'm left with two exams- Modernism for my Histoire de Beaux-Arts and European Reformations)  and onwards to this indescribably beautiful outlook of what I officially deemed it to be the "Été Bohémien". Chaque été, I would always bring forth this promising theme, and for me this time around, with the world going through tough economic times- a modern day dirty '30s almost- and like those times, I want to open up the not-taken-for-granted view upon life, aimez des moments beaux, attempting to breathe artistic and intellectual aspirations and the unconventional lifestyle- Why ever not?

As I have always had a passion for writing since forever, I'll post up once in a while my works... this one was the most recent that I have written because I have been chaotically busy the past couple of months. This was inspired by recent events.

by JoanneAngelina

We once held sand in a porcelain vase.
Empty at first, but it was just the beginning, you and I
And each day that we spent, each laughter
Words, music, and each touch
Its grains began to pour in, making the vase ever so precious
And as we walked side by side
Each holding one side, through the vast forest
I could swear it was sunlight that we captured inside

But there were times when one of us would slip up
Loosen the grip, the sombre threat of 
The vase slipping thorough.
But the other one would grab all of it right on time,
Keeping it close, until it was for certain that the one who loosened the grip
 Would grasp a firm hold on it once more.
And so it would fill, these sands of us
We would wade across obstacles and borders within that forest.
It was always so alive and full of warmth, like a summer's day.
We said we would always be what we would always be.

Until one day, you took my hand
then I woke up and I was alone
And embraced in my arms, was the porcelain vase and nothing more
There was nothing in the world that would made me let go of this vase
And so I wondered around, looking for you, calling your name
This overwhelming bittersweet misery washing over me as the days thundered over...

I'm holding the porcelain vase
I don't want to break it
Want to hide it in a safe place
And keep it here, in this forest
Maybe I'll go back to it someday
And feel that glow all over again
See right through such precious sands of time
And maybe, when I go back,
I'll find you right beside it too.

And that's all for now, bisou.

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