Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Violet Hour

Hello everyone,
Here is something I have written of late and would like to share with you all. Enjoy!

                                                                          (Photo: Kachavina)

The Violet Hour

Deep inside my dreams,
I search for your face.
It appears for only a little while,
The disguise of my attributions
Yet I hold it all the more tight.

I can hear the rain falling, the wind brushing against my back.
I could not close the windows, I could not slip against the tide.
Light streams in corners only I would see.
Words drift in gentle circles around my mind.

Keats sings a haunting song, while Poe wails at what is lost.
Against the world, my pride is my suffering.
Won't you hold me tight against your heart before I run away.
Won't you let me go before I fall away.

Against the rising sun, I find the clarity I needed once so long ago.
Days revel against broken promises, it whispers what it cannot be.
Walking along the field of maroon, I speak to the Gods and pray for the release of my dreams.
Wonder slowly falls against my shadow.
It whispers faith, it speaks of a hero, it screams fire. 


Note: Please do not copy my words without permission, thanks very much.


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