Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ten million fireflies lit up the world as I fell asleep

I'll break my staff,
Bury it in certain fathoms in the earth,
And deeper than did ever
Plummet sound
I'll drown my book.
-William Shakespeare, The Tempest

Hello all!

This week so far has got me sweltering under the heat, and I found my thoughts drifting into elsewhere. Here is a piece I wrote inspired by an amazing weekend away from the city, up where the stars are clear, and all forms of everyday concerns pour into the waters on the lake.


Away from the heart of it all
Lies the penetrating glow of release
In between the trees, hanging low
The leaves like stories, they call to me.
In the still of the night,
You carry me.
My arms laced around your neck
My eyes shut tight as I sink into you
As you carry me down the path.
The moon stares with its penetrating glare,
Into this vast space, you hold me through.

Fireflies drift above us,
It winks at us in secret compromise.
The water, an expanse- it embraces me as I sink.
A butterfly becomes a part of me for just one moment
As it lands without a sound on my finger, its wings carry so much time in this world- for only just a moment.

Further and further in I'm drawn,
Our heartbeats weave their song when I say your name.
This light that bears all that we love from the middle of the room.
I close my eyes, fingers intertwined within mine.
I walk with you as twilight enters the woods.

And then I float while you held me,
Holding me adrift.
For only just a moment,
I float above it all.
And it has become forever when I realize:
You are who I am and this world has become powerless, where we stand.

And that's all for now!


  1. Wow, those pictures and words sends chills up my spine... and of course, i kid. KEEP UP THE SUPERLICIOUS WORK!!! From your admirer, lil' Jen. xoxxoxxooo!!!


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