Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An Wonderland Evening To Remember

People with many interests live, not only longest, but happiest.
George Matthew All

Bonjour all!

I've been incredibly busy these past few days, but not busy enough that I may update (as promised) about the fun night of the Alice in Wonderland Fundraiser and Cocktail Night!

Now, all proceeds went to Canada's Children's Literacy Fund, which was all the more spectacular. With great thanks to my good friend Tia, who graciously allowed me to take a few shots, as well as herself, we are able to share with you some great moments (and cute treats too!)
It took place in the amazing setting of Hart House's Music Hall, where upon arriving, everything was wonderfully themed, not to mention the music and the Classic Disney's Alice In Wonderland projecting from a screen above the fireplace!
Moi :)

The Queens of Hearts (my good friend is on the right...AND better yet, she won SECOND place for her costume which was handmade (not store bought) which brought even yummier bonus points!!
Throughout the evening, I thought the best parts were meeting new people and spending an amazing time your own friends. I know Tas and Tia and I had huge laughs!
When she won SECOND...haha. Actually I ended up getting something fun out of it too: Two film passes as I solved an Alice Trivia Question right!

The cake! I loved how they added all the themes and inserted it into this lovely monument of deliciousness.
The pastries were very lovely indeed!

I know I could not help myself to these ones. Unfortunately, I did not shrink, nor did I stretch at all!

My friend the Mad Hatter (and also in real life )
Some guests that attended this evening:

My two chums who make up the Three Musketeers, Tia and Tas.
I must point out that funny enough, the Alice doll Tia is holding..almost showed up everywhere in some pictures...guess it was the life of the party, haha.

Definitely events like these are really wonderful..I know there will be more to come!
And that's all for now! Ciao!



  1. Wonderfully amazing, I LOVE this post!!!!!

  2. Aww, that sounds like such a lovely evening! It sounds like the three of you had such a wonderful time! :D

  3. Oh what a magical looking evening.

  4. WOW, that's so cool! I bet is was a perfect evening! And the cookies all look delicious***

  5. It looked amazing!! I am glad you were able to attend and share the lovely evening with us :)

  6. Thanks so much you guys! You totally brightened my day, love you all!! xoxo

  7. what a creative event. looks like it was a lot of fun. thx for sharing this =)

  8. Hi ^^ Just to tell, i gave you an award on my blog. Hope you like it***

  9. Oh my god, thank you soooo much from the bottom of my heart. This is just, wow. I'm amazed, Wow.

  10. Ah this looks like it was a lot of fun!


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