Sunday, March 14, 2010

From Paris to Shanghai

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing - Helen Keller

Bonjour all!
As spring is finally here, I can feel myself brimming to the full in delight of all things promising. The blossoming of buds from the trees, that gentle warm wind that embraces you, and the feeling that everything and everyone becomes so alive in the city, where sudden bursts of inspiration are around every corner!

I find that I go through certain inspirational phases (or as I like to call it "worlds") within my life. For example, I went through the Keatsian, the Austenian, to the Antoinette phase where aspects as music, books and lifestyle, have channeled some sort of origin owing to its terms.
Right now I feel like I'm entering in what I like to call the Nightingale world.

Lately i've been going back to my roots and falling in love with the Asian lifestyle, the culture, the history and of course, fashion. Of course, the Parisian way of things I shall always hold dear to me, but Chanel could not have said it better when they introduced the pre-fall collection 2010 as "Paris-Shanghai".
Here is a glimpse of my boudoir, where my closet situates and displays a sample of clothing I wear, as well as my accessories.

Of course, ever since I was a child (and for many of the other girls in fact), who did not watch the show and owned a plush toy of the beloved Hello Kitty and her friends. Even now on a rare occasion, I still sneak in an episode or two when in the morning when I eat my cereal for the sake of it. I can't help it, it's too adorable.
There are many Chinese actresses and models I admire and one of them came upon me recently when I happened to watch Hannibal Rising. I loved Gong Li ( an actress that's like the Meryl Streep in China) as Lady Murasaki. Her acting (as with all her other films) was perfectly carried. She has this way of speaking through her facial expressions that's really haunting and flawless.
I also happen to like the model Angelababy. She's quite an It- girl at the moment (or so I think at the moment), and I happen to like her appearance and style.

Lots of designers in Asia have turned out amazing styles which I absolutely love and adore and from which I get most of my inspiration from my wardrobe. is one of my ultimate go-to for all things fashion related and to search for great finds.

Also of note, I am just loving ribbons and bows right now. And garden-inspired dresses. Florals. Satin, silk, and lace. How wonderful to live in such grace!
Books that will soon be in my handbags and totes to be a travel companion:
This is written by Lady Murasaki, who is a 11th century Japanese novelist, in which this book is seen as one of the masterpieces of Japanese literature.

I have seen the movie (which is fantastic) but never really had a moment to read the book before. So I will try to squeeze in some minutes during the hectic time (which due to academic expectations, will keep my hands full until April) and enjoy reading it.
And that's all for now, ciao!



  1. very very interesting article! I had this ambiguous relationship with the oriental culture but i loved to read your opinion and now i have one more reason to review asian fashion and taste. Thanks ^^ Oh and your wardrobe is so girly! very cute

  2. Thank you Fleur! And thank you for your comment on my wardrobe..i find it just as endearing as well.

  3. Another gorgeous post! I love the photo of your boudoir! So elegant! I may take up your advice and read those books.

    Yay for Spring! (Even though I saw some pesky white flakes yesterday here in the city!)


  4. Oh a lovely post. Beautiful photo's and such a sweet boudoir.

    Gong Li is so gorgeous!

    Have a lovely week,
    xoxo DJ

  5. @ Kato and @ Dustjacket Attic- yay, thanks so much! :)

  6. I'm very intrigued by your style 'worlds', indeed! I'd never really thought to look at my obsessions in terms of linking them back to a certain time period or a specific culture. I might have to start paying closer attention to myself now. ;)

    I was more a Care Bears and Keropi fan when I was little, but I did also quite like Hello Kitty. I didn't watch the show, but I thought she was super cute. Actually, just two years ago I had Hello Kitty pajamas. I think I still have the pants in storage, to be perfectly honest! haha. No matter how old I get, my beloved cartoons will always stick with me. ;)


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