Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wishful Thinking

When one door of happiness closes, another opens, but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.
Helen Keller

Bonjour all!
As we all know, in the midst of the holidays we all want to find the most perfect gifts, find the perfect store which can complete us in a way that leaves our emotions running very high. I had the opportunity yesterday to arrive at such stores as these. What I usually like to find are unique aspects that does insightful contributions behind their names. Stores or brands which continue to stand out and make a difference, especially when it takes into consideration as eco-friendly products. With that in mind, I'd like to share with you what I have encountered the past couple of days.

The Toronto Woman's Bookstore ( located at 73 Harbord Street) is in danger of closing. Founded in 1973, it has been non-profit bookstore dedicated to promoting anti-oppression politics and feminist politics, as well as many other interesting accessories. It has become the largest, non-profit feminist bookstore in Canada.
I have personally been there to pick up some great reads or course books for classes. To hear that a great independent bookstore such as this, could be at risk of closing due to heightened competition of other bigger bookstores, is sorely a loss for supporters of independent bookstores such as I.

For those who have ventured through these doors, and want to make an effort in making a donation, click on the Toronto Woman's Bookstore link given above, and let's all as a community save this bookstore that we love. I know I felt great contributing, by purchasing notebooks there yesterday, where many were already in the heap of donating. Unique gift ideas for the book-lover can find great reads there.

On an eco-friendly note, I happened to purchase a journal that was as charming as its title.
Recover Journals truly innovates and makes use of recycling products, where they take covers from vintage books and bound it with 100% post-consumer paper to make a fantastic journal. Also they convert vinyl record albums and turn them into photo albums and notebooks. A fantastic idea. I actually purchased one from the Toronto Women's Bookstore, but they also distribute throughout different retailers across Canada.

Down on the same street, there happened to be an intriguing looking store sign that says "Things Japanese" (128 Harbord Street).
Looking through the display window, it already guaranteed a promise of interesting things to come. I stepped inside and immediately an aroma of decorated patterns and details, as well as rich colors, instantly guides you around the store.
It was there that i bought this cute Japanese geisha keychain, as well as a perfect Christmas gift for my sister.

To Yorkville I go!
Of course, the day wasn't complete without a small trip to Yorkville. Yorkville Ave is beautiful at this time of year, especially when evening falls, all the lights hanging in on the trees and on buildings on shops provide such a soft glow throughout.
The first thing I popped into has got to be one of my favorite stationery stores in Toronto.

Paper Things ( located at 99 Yorkville Ave) is simply divine and scrumptious.
I think i spent twenty minutes alone just browsing the Moleskins and the Semikolon notebooks as well as the heavenly designs on journal covers. What's great about Paper Things is that all profits from the store are donated to the Build-A- Ballet Fund, supporting The National Ballet of Canada. My two favorite things: Stationery and Ballet. What's not to love?
I also happened to drop by Anthropologie (80 Yorkville Avenue) and it is truly eye candy. Everywhere you go from the clothes, to books, to home decor, it was simply full of inspiration. I loved how there was this old-fashioned cabinet that when you open it, its shelved with perfume. It is definitely one of my favorite stores, I even ended up getting this Romantic-inspired long-sleeved sweater- perfect for this season.

Lastly, I cannot help but sink into a light bliss going over Lollia products. I actually found their products in Paper Things, but truly it brings out the Marie Antoinette/Lula girl in me. From their perfumes (especially the design of their bottles, are utterly charming) to their hand cremes, I found myself back in my small little world.

Well that's all for now, hope everyone has a fantastic and yummy holiday!

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