Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Shore to the Sea

A new year, a new beginning. It's like I've finally reached the shore and now it's off to sea again, bound for another journey.

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I will visit Europe sometime during the summer. I will to achieve my 50 book pledge. I probably will read more than fifty, being the bookworm that I am- and this time, I'll keep track of the titles I've read. I will paint on more canvases. I will strengthen my French and take up Icelandic. I will continue to write my novel. I will learn how to cook and bake more. I will take more chances. I will love more. I will live more. 
About that last remark: I had a conversation with a friend one evening in December at a pub. We were catching up and that soon led to the subject of what it means to us that we're arrived at the end of the year. There were things we looked back fondly, but there were regrets. We both felt that we were floating through life feeling a tad  numb and now we want to feel alive, to be awakened once more. This is something I will continue to hold close to my heart. I feel a stir of change coming on and I welcome this feeling with open arms.

I absolutely loved this film to the point that it's now a top ten in my books. It's films like these that make the world more luminous.

Perfect Sense: A chef and an epidemiologist falls in love as an epidemic begins to rob people of their sensory perceptions. 

Perfect Sense was beautiful, poetic, incredibly eye-opening and left me to wonder about all the things I thought of before the film, and the things I thought about after. Ewan McGregor and Eva Green were incredible in this film. To be honest, I love all of Eva Green's films. Each are a work of art.

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