Monday, August 1, 2011

A lifetime of Summer

In August, most of Europe goes on holiday. -Tony Visconti

Hello everyone!

(Beautiful lanterns I took a shot of while sailing on the Kajama)

So far, looking back at the things I have done in July- I must say I did all that I could.
One of the things I am most fond of in particular as a summertime activity, is going down the Harbourfront and sail out to the lake!

I never take a leisurely day for granted- I find such a heightened sense of pleasure doing simple things as strolling around in the early morning, catching up on a read that can't be put down even when it's late at night, exploring different paths and places in the city and of course, writing!
In my mind, each season carries activities that are so inviting. Take Summer- sailing, going on picnics, painting, and outdoor events. In the Fall, comes archery and horseback riding (which I look forward to).

Just this past week, I went on board the Kajama, where it took us out on the lake and went behind all of the islands.

It was such a gorgeous day out- a tad bit on the warmer side- but as we moved along, a cool wind made its presence known and was so inviting.

The Toronto Islands is such a  beautiful sight from up above. I shot this while up on the CN Tower- a perfect view to see all of the city and beyond.

More pictures while on the Kajama. It's so peaceful and relaxing while you're drifting away- it was very nice as we went beyond the Toronto Islands where on the brink stood a red lighthouse and a view on one side of an island which seemed inhibited except for these huge masses of birds perching on the barren trees and near the shore.

While on board, my friend and I grabbed some lunch- of course I had to order Fish and Chips- what else?

Joie de vivre,



  1. what beautiful images on deck of the ocean! ;)

    btw, I have a little jewelry Giveaway over my place if you wanna check it out, and might like to enter!

    Thank you!

  2. we have spent many a days in summer doing just this. we live right near the largest saltwater lake in australia, and until recently we had a fairly big boat that we would spend days and nights on. despite my wobbly legs when eventually getting off, it is such a great relaxing way to spend some time. your photos are lovely and reminded me of our time on the water.

  3. Thanks so very much Veronica- I love days like that- I think summertime is full of such great things to take part of, and taking part in being out in the middle of the water is incredibly blissful.
    Take care!


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