Friday, May 6, 2011

On Places, Loves, and Things

One way to get the most out of life is
to look upon it as an adventure.
William Feather

(Photo: Messia)

Hello all!
Wow just this past week alone have been crazy eventful. As part of the list of destination I plan on going to throughout the summer, the first one up was Niagara Falls! The following are photos I took.

Stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, where Marilyn Monroe once stayed in when filming "Niagara"- I was definitely trying to channel her spirit when I was going up the stairway amidst a grand chandelier, knowing that she walked down these stairs and halls at one point.

Strolling along the streets when there wasn't a throng of tourists bustling at you from every side was a breath of fresh air. Although there were times where it rained, it didn't stop my friend and I to enjoy many of the fun attractions such as the Sky Wheel!

You could see the whole world from the top of the Sky Wheel, watching the Falls gradually rising from it's peak, looking down at the people that looked as small as bugs.

Dropped by this placed called Pop and Lolly's- I really shouldn't have as I found myself wanting to sample everything there- it was sugar heaven.

My friend had the craving for a Candy Apple, which eventually had an influence over me- the best part was that I custom made my Candy Apple- caramel with a layer of white chocolate and dark chocolate swirls. My friend and I probably looked like a silly pair sitting on a bench happily eating away our Candy Apples like two kids. It was so worth it.

(Photo by me)
My friend and I passed by this landscape while on a drive. I love these tucked-away places. On the opposite shore of the lake stood a Lake House. It was really quite lovely.

Went to see 30 Seconds to Mars a couple of days ago. It was amazing. Seeing Jared Leto live was definitely worthwhile (he looked good as ever!). The way he interacted with us the fans, bringing people onstage, jumping into the crowd-brought us one step closer to his world. What a memorable evening. I love how their songs are so honest and it frees your mind to believe that anything is possible and to also speak your mind.

I absolutely love this radio from Cath Kidston! It's charming, it's wonderful, and I can definitely see myself brining this along for the champagne picnics being planned throughout this season.

When I say picnics, it's of the loving and no-holding-back-on-all-things-goody-kinds. The kinds where friends and I will take our bikes and bring all of this to the Toronto Islands and hang out by the beach. It's one of those all day affairs.

I've always been such a lover of perfume, where currently I wear Dior's "J'adore", Chanel's "Coco Mademoiselle", and Kate Spade's "Twirl"- I wear them according to how my mood or occasion a day brings. I also love to collect the bottles and put them on a silver tray. I hope to eventually put them in a lovely glass cabinet.

Love this Dior ad with the beautiful Marion Cotillard.

I love this. I need to do this in my lifetime.


I was unbearably excited when I found out that the 'One Day' trailer had been released. I mentioned in a previous post how much the book left an incredible mark on what it's like to have loved and lost, on friendships and relationships- I cannot wait to see this.


As the weather gets warmer and when I'm on the road to the different kinds of destinations I've been, I find myself listening to Bluegrass. Alison Krauss & Union Station is definitely one of the albums I've listened to more than a couple of times- and their new album is definitely a favorite. From "Paper Airplanes", "Sinking Stone", "My Love Follows You Where You Go"- all elicit this feeling of a warm breeze down my neck as I walk among fields as the sun beings to set.

This book caught my eye while I was in a bookstore, and as I can be deemed as a fellow Janeite - I didn't mind reading books reflecting works of Austen. In this novel, Lily dreams of living in novels (as much as we all do to some degree!) and there is truth in the summary of the novel where it says she squeezed herself into undersized relationships all her life, hoping one might grow as large as those found in the Jane Austen novels she loves.

As summer starts, she goes off to England to take part of a Jane Austen literary festival. Along the way comes challenges and the exploration of what it means to change and be happy.
What I especially loved about this novel was that Lily envisions her version of Jane Austen following her around, doing endearing little acts like writing lists or falling off a stack of books when hearing something shocking.

(Photo: MamaBakasi)
In a sense, I feel a stir of good change coming to my shores this summer. Sinking myself into the world of Jane Austen as I begin reading all her books (with times that would consist of reading with amiable companions) I have a small feeling that her words will carry an influence to such a degree in my life than I can ever estimate. I think I need her more than ever throughout these significant and memorable days.

Joie de vivre,



  1. No surprise that you have such superb taste! Wish I was there to tag along on quite eventful day(s) as I can see reading from this blog entry. I commend you for your artistic portrayal of your summer.

  2. wow niagra falls - stunning. just stunning. definitely on my list of places to *have to* go to at some point, so I am super jealous right now!!

    just came across your blog and wow you're a woman after my own heart: art galleries, austen, ballet picture, beautiful places, writing. . .all passions of mine too!


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