Monday, August 23, 2010

Mesmerized By Those Days at Sea

What worth has beauty if it is not seen?
- Italian Proverb

Hello all!

As summer is slowly drawing to a close, I feel the sinking tug, like a nostalgic golden feeling slowly reaching its fade.
I always had this story that I made up and painted in the back of my mind. It was about a sailor who drifted off to sea in search of Wonder. He left behind all his worldly belongings as well as the people he knew and cared about, and built a beautiful blue boat. He didn't know what was ahead of him, but had this sensation that was a beautiful as the sun's warmth on a cold day.
As he sails along the vast blue depths of water all around him, there is a sense of immense release and a feeling of being alive that was at its height, and was never felt before. A stretch of pure happiness. A realization of finally reaching one's dreams.
As the sailor floats to unknown wonders, he finds the love he only read in novels, experiences events and things that he never thought would encounter and only imagined- that throughout all those happenings, there was an inner search tucked away deep within his mind where he would be looking for his lighthouse- the one that would shine only for him, leading the way back home wherever his heart were.

This is what I felt about this summer. What was once lost has now been found, lights of intricate moments shine brighter than anything before. I breathe in fond recollections of laughter, of strong heartbeats of love.
It was truly a summer of first-times, such as being the first time I learned to step into the water and float ( which to my surprise, I highly enjoyed- I love that feeling of being surrounded just by water, as if you are your own island, looking up into the vast sky), saving small birds in the middle of the night with Tim, discovering all these interesting hidden gems in the city, and still moments as staring up into the vivid starry sky in near pitch-black.

Here are images I took, of moments which I wanted to capture and share. Moments that were just in the middle of nowhere, away from the city lights and seeing fireflies at night and being with loved ones wherever I went.

Looking out into the night over the city while strolling with Tim near Castle Frank by the bridge.

Strolling around Lakefield and coming across this scenery and I knew I had to capture it. The sun was setting and the light was rippling across the water... it was stunning.

Alongside the lake:
Launching a model rocket: it was my first time witnessing such a moment, and it was fun! I loved how it just soared into the sky where for a long moment on the boat, we would all look upwards, finding any sort of trace of its return.

I love visiting small towns... there's just something so different and knowing that possibly there might be a unique story behind it.

I love wandering through the lush greenery of forests- i've always had this imagery in my head where i'll be lying down next to a big ancient tree with a favorite book in hand, and then afterwards closing my eyes and drifting away...

Going to the Allan Gardens Conservatory

Experiencing events like the Waterfront Night Market:

And that's all for now!

Note: all these images that were taken are my own, and may be used with permission.


  1. Lovely, lovely, lovely. That all sounds so wonderful. :)

  2. Hey darling! Missed to read your posts! As always you managed to post touching images and write with your heart. It's always important to feel like that and fint that kind of piece inside you. I'm glad you had such an idilic summer discovering yourself and the beauty of the world around you :)

  3. Hey Joanne,
    Nice post :)
    I'm glad you had such a nice summer, and that you reflect on it as a thing of beauty. I know that even though you enjoyed the summer so much, however, you'll enjoy the autumn quite a bit as well! I'm looking forward to some photos of trees ablaze with colour!
    Lots of love,


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