Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I'll build my world of dreams around you

Everyday contains a never-ending fascination from me. From slow walks to the calm grandeur of early mornings where the sun creates a warmth that no other can penetrate, where even the base of one's spine can lock in some of this immense pleasure.

I spend this weekend doing much appreciated relaxation after a bumpy road of being so busy with the things that come my way in life. Made interesting desserts (which I helped in making chocolate truffles) as well as stepping in to a favorite tea shop in the city called Tao Tea Leaf (934 Yonge St) that is absolutely a tea lover's haven.

The best part of this amazing weekend (with gorgeous weather to complement it) was spending it with the people you love. I felt healed somewhat to be able to absorb with an open heart to be able to share romantic and funny moments with the one you care for most in the world.

I also slipped the chance of reading some Keats... especially his letters to the love of his life, Fanny Brawne. With the rise of Morning, I can feel a trace of his words embracing me, leaving me in a state of utter bliss.

Love is in fact the biggest risk one would ever take in one's life, but like in lightning when it strikes, that beautiful channel of endearing desire and sighs of a beautiful release, can be felt once in a lifetime, and we are ever fortunate if we are able to experience wholeheartedly such an emotion.

My world is within these infinite reality of separate cinematic worlds. From Amelie to Moulin Rouge, the inspiration and dreams live on. Were it that I had no other option, I would have still pursued all that I can be and all that I want my life to paint out. Perfection and expectation lives through us, but I find that such small moments and minor details of something great and amazing in your life, it can last and melt all the winter months of the year.


  1. Your posts are always so...lovely and beautiful:D

  2. As milli said, i love your writting. Thank you for another adorable, lovely, inspirational and perfect post** Thanks dor sharing your thoughts like you do

  3. Hello :) I haven't got a letter from you in a while, is everything alright? Did you get mine?

  4. I know I say it a lot, but I find it so therapeutic to visit your site! It's always so beautiful and dreamy, like a film I'm always hoping will someday be made!

    Thank you.

  5. Thank you so very much, I am so beyond touched. x

  6. These are so beautiful! Really lovely blog! ^^

  7. Nice post!!!

    Nice blog : ) now following. Please check mine and follow too if you like (hope you do)

  8. beautiful post!
    have a great week!


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