Tuesday, April 27, 2010

As It (Perhaps) Was...

The rays of happiness, like those of light, are colorless when unbroken.
Henry W. Longfellow

That twinkle in your eye,
Was it always there in the first place?
Perhaps I failed to grasp and take hold of it.

I have lost ground in many ways,
but not enough that I could not catch you, as you plummeted from your fall.

In some ways, our lives spin around and float above ground as much as the lives of others.
Others whom as we may not know it, touches us so immaculately that it feeds the silent churning of desire deep within ourselves.

Some days, I can see and feel your radiance through the faces of those I pass by, or those I know.
Their laugh becomes yours, and when their eyes smile, one can see why its been said that they are the windows to a person's soul.
I walk beneath the shadows of the leaves between the trees, light etches through to create its own individual forms of art on the ground. In my hands, I hold the porcelain vase that I carry with me (I carry it with me always).

Each scene that appears in front of me, runs through like a slow-run film, timeless yet with a limit.
Memory sustains it for me, and all my imaginings, my little secret garden, becomes bigger than what my body could contain.
I feel at times that my surge of inspiration, my dreams and hopes are much too big for my physical body to pursue. I wanted to fly, but fly I couldn't in reality.
But through my mind, I flew over a thousand times- pass every field, every pond, every forest, and every ocean.
This world and life itself, is much more than I ever thought it could be.

When I pass by the seashore on a cliff-top, my hands barely touch the blades of grass as I bend forth to see the endless calm of blue.
I could sit here for hours on end, watching the sun drift across the sky, leaving me a soft, slow wink before it retires to the other side of the world.

There is nothing better than to curl up against a good book in your hands, with a bit of music, and the windows wide open on a summer's day, letting in the smell of a well-kept promise of better things to come.

Maybe one day, I'll come to realize that often what I think of moments that usher in an essence of finality, can unravel another story in itself that is something more brilliant and blinding than ever before.
Maybe I am going through this otherworldly sphere right now.
I feel that I am in my rightful place... being whole does not merely consist of having all the material goods, but rather how one feels during a moment in time.

As I climb out of my treehouse, I slowly put away my paper crown, and my velvet wand, and lie under the stars, counting the ones I feel that my wishes would be heard the most. And I wish for you everyday.

Note: Pictures were taken via Weheartit



  1. I smiled when I read this post especially seeing the 7th photo, but actually, all of them. :)

  2. AAAH such tears are dripping out of eyes. I bearly cannot contain my emotions when seeing those pictures and those WORDS! I give the most heart touching award.

  3. Thank you both so much..and anon- that's touching, haha

  4. I just love that first photo! Like from the perfect, imagined summer night. Your posts are always so gorgeous!


  5. I'm discovering your world... it's like frisking in a wonderful attic... (I love types and this last photograph is just amazing!)
    Go on, little étudiante en histoire de l'art! :)

  6. Beautiful images Joanne! I love what you are doing! Your prose is wonderful!

  7. Loveliness!
    words & visual delights

  8. Thank you all!!! I am so very grateful!!

  9. Honestly, you are an amazing writer. I love what you've done by including the pictures. I can't help but get emotional.

  10. Beautiful post! I love those photos! You have a great blog:)

  11. Oh that was so moving and I just love the photo's.
    xxx DJ


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