Friday, September 25, 2009

Life is a big canvas...

Come to the edge.
We might fall.
Come to the edge.
It's too high!
Come to the edge!
And they came,
and he pushed,
and they flew.
-- Christopher Logue

Bonjour all!

It has been widely acknowledged that an individual is in need of two things: Love and the pursuit of happiness.

Of course, that being said, one could say that Love is such an over exaggerated concept in the world of today... love is not some song on the radio or written on some sappy card... it is the raw emotional equivalent of what makes your heart flutter, and what you long for long after its gone- either momentarily or forever.
In my words, it is perfectly caught in one of my favourite films of all time: Pride and Prejudice, directed by Joe Wright.

The scene towards the end of the Second Proposal, or The Dawn as some may call it (such as I), captivates all that we crave for.

Particularly when Mr. Darcy approaches Elizabeth and he utters those words that melt all the pieces together: "You have bewitched me body and soul and I love, I love, I love you."
The first time I watched this scene, I rolled my eyes slightly. The second time I viewed it, I cried my eyes out, so to speak.

And yes, why not pursuit one's happiness at the cost of one's life?

After all, we live for such a short amount of time, there are moments that thrust you forward to be enlightened with places and the people around us.

Such is the feeling I felt upon seeing the trailer for this film, "Cairo Time." I absolutely cannot wait to see it.

Actually the topic of travel came about at dinner today with a friend and while satisfying our cravings, we discussed the many different places that we would like to go.
From Rome to Russia, down to where we wish to possibly retire ( I said somewhere in France, he said Spain), and it made me feel the definite need to explore more of the world in a definitive way that when i do come back, I would know what it have felt like to be alive, to feel a sense of wholeness only other cultures, people, places, history and time can lay out.

"He who hath not seen Cairo hath not seen the world. Her soil is gold; her Nile is a marvel; her women are like the black-eyed virgins of Paradise; her houses are palaces; and her air is soft, as sweet-smelling as aloe-wood, rejoicing the heart. And how can Cairo be otherwise, when she is the Mother of the World?--"A Thousand and One Nights"

Egypt is another place that I wish to travel to... I will give myself a time frame that by the time graduation comes, I will be off..but even before then, possible plans in the upcoming summer to go abroad is in the works...hopefully more details soon about that!
As for now, that's all, ciao!

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